Video Poker Glossary
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Evidence of indebtedness by a player to the casino. A player is said to "take out a Marker" when receiving credit issued by a casino.
Max-EV strategy
Gambling strategy that seeks to maximize the games return. Also know as Max-ER strategy, this is by far the most common gambling strategy. Other strategies might involve reducing risk (minimizing the variance), for example.
Short for Multi-Denomination.
Short for Multi-Game.
Short for "Missing In Action ", referring to a machine that can no longer be located, because it has has been either downgraded, removed, or moved to an unknown.
Abbreviation for Multi-Line.
Short for Multi-Play.
Short for Multi-Strike.
A slot or video poker machine that offers plays at more then one denomination. Most, but not all, video poker machines are multi-denomination and pay tables often depend on the denomination chosen.
A slot or video poker machine that offers different games (and not just different pay tables for the same game).
Referring to a video poker machine that allows gamblers to play one or more lines (equivalently, hands or plays) simultaneously. Multi-Line machines always deal a single video poker hand. The draw, however, can be from 1 to 100 hands, depending on the machine.
See also: 100-play, 50-play, 10-play, 3-play, 5-play.
See Multi-Line.
International Game Technology (IGT) Video poker game developed by Leading Edge Design, in which there are four levels of play, each level worth twice as much as the last. Players must win the preceding level to advance to the next. Max coins for the game is four times the max coins for single level play. Max-EV strategy depends on the level. In general, the return for Multi-Strike is at least as good as the base game it is based on. The variance of Multi-Strike, however, is always greater then the base game.
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