Video Poker Glossary
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nothing or a non-winning video poker hand. In most video poker games, the most likely result for any single hand is nada.
National Indian Gaming Commission
The United States regulatory agency responsible for overseeing Indian gaming.
A winning hand without a wild card in a poker game that uses wild cards, such as Deuces Wild. In some wild card games, such as Deuces Wild, a Natural Royal Flush pays significantly more then a Royal Flush with at least one Natural (in this case one or more deuces)
See also: Wild Card, Deuces Wild.
Negative expectation game
A game in which the return (expectation) is less then 100%. Mathematically, if the return is expressed as a fraction, the game has a negative expectation if EV - 1 < 0.
Negative game
See Negative expectation game.
Short for National Indian Gaming Commission.
Well known variant of "Deuces Wild 44" video poker game with an EV of 99.73%. See Deuces Wild 44 paytable.
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