Video Poker Glossary
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Abbreviation for High Card.
A single high card in a video poker hand. Also written 1HC.
See also: High Card.
Two high cards in a video poker hand. Also written 2HC.
See also: High Card.
Three high cards in a video poker hand. Also written 3HC.
See also: High Card.
High Card
In video poker, a card that when paired would produce a winning hand. In most, but not all video poker games, High Card are jacks through aces.
High Pair
Two cards of the same rank that comprise a winning video poker hand. Most commonly this is a pair of jacks or higher. However in Pick'em poker a pair of nines or higher is a High Pair. In some video poker games, a pair of kings or better is a High Pair.
See also: Low Pair.
The amount a game return to the casino. That is the Hold is the amount players lose. Casinos set the theo at or below the Hold.
  1. the area, resembling a bin or trough designed to catch coins dumped from a slot or video poker machine. In this case the action of a coin hitting the Hopper was designed to make a noise gamblers liked
  2. The bin or trough internal to a slot machine that holds coins. When the machine ran out of coins, a Hopper fill would be necessary before the machine could be used again.
The casino.
House Edge
The casino's advantage, computed as the expected 100% - the expected return. For most casino games, the House Edge is positive. However, for some games such as certain video poker games, the expected return is greater then 100%, and the house has a negative edge.
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