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A collection of slot or video poker machines, in a circular-like arrangement. Often these machines have similar games, and in the case of progressive machines, may be tied together.
Money a casino gives a gambler in proportion to his play or coin-in. The amount is often expressed in relative, percentage terms (of total Coin in).
See also: Coin-in.
Casino Monitor
  1. Person responsible for maintaining the vpfree2 pages for a specific casino
  2. Person who regularly monitors a casino taking inventory of the video poker there and reports all updates to vpfree2
Casino Monitor are unpaid volunteers who work diligently to keep vpFREE2 up-to-date. Without them the site would not exist.
Abbreviation for Cashback.
Abbreviation for Cumulative Distribution Function.
Central Limit
The value the probability function subject to the Central Limit theorem ultimately reaches.
See also: Central Limit Theorem.
Central Limit Theorem
A mathematical theorem that states, for any set of independent random variates with finite variance, that the cumulative distribution function of a normalized (scaled) sum of such variates approaches the cumulative distribution function for a normal distribution, as the number of variates increases. Under certain circumstance, the theorem states that the width of the central region of the associated probability distribution function narrows, and approaches zero, as the number of random trials (variants) increases and that the shape (of the central region) of the PDF approaches a normal PDF as the number of trials increases. If all variates are from a single uncorrelated random process, the theorem states that variance decreases as 1/sqrt(n) where n is the number of trials. Since each video poker hand is independent of all other hands, and since video poker's variance is finite, The Central Limit Theorem holds for all video poker, and the variance scales as 1/sqrt(n), where n is the number of hands. However, at the same time, the total bet or coin-in has been increasing proportional to n. Thus the variance in real units (dollars) increases without limit as the player continues to gamble.
See also: PDF, Coin-in, Variance, Central Limit.
Short for Coin-in.
Class I Gaming
traditional tribal games and "social games" for prizes of nominal value, all of which are subject solely to tribal regulations (
Class II Gaming
bingo, instant bingo, lotto, punch cards, pull tabs (if played in the same location as bingo), and manual card games legal anywhere in the state and not played against the house. Class II Gaming is regulated by both the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) and the tribes. A tribe may conduct or license Class II Gaming if it occurs in "a state that permits such gaming for any purpose by any person" and is not prohibited by federal law. (
Class III Gaming
card games played against the house, slot machines, dog and horse racing, jai alai, and all other types of casino gaming. The National Indian Gaming Commission's (NIGC's) authority includes review and approval of Class III Gaming management contracts. Class III gaming is regulated by compacts negotiated between tribes and states. (
Short for Central Limit Theorem.
Short for Casino Monitor.
Card Of the Day
A video poker or slot machine that accepts and dispenses (drops) coins.
The total amount wagered on a slot, keno or video poker machine. For video poker, the Coin-in is equal to the total number of hands played times the average amount bet per hand. The term originates from the fact that all slots machines were once "coin droppers" and is still in use today though most machines are now TITO.
See also: Coin-dropper, TITO.
The total dollar value of all winnings or actual payouts on a slot or video poker machine. The ratio of the Coin-in to Coin-out is the actual (realized) return. The difference between Coin-out and Coin-in is the win (loss)
See also: Coin-in.
Colorado Deuces
Well known variant of "Deuces Wild" video poker game with an EV of 96.77%. See Deuces Wild paytable.
  1. (n) Originally short for complimentary (free), a Comp is anything a player receives from a casino either for free or at a reduced cost.
  2. (v) The action of giving a Comp, as in "My host comped my a room but did not pick up the spa treatments".
Cumulative Distribution Function
  1. The integral of the Probability Density Function (not rigorous)
  2. A statistical distribution, indicating the probability of receiving an outcome or a lower ranked outcome for all possible outcomes. The function can range from 0 to 1 (or 100%).
An example of a Cumulative Distribution Function is the well-known "error function" (ERF) whose probability density function is the Normal distribution.
See also: Probability Density Function.
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