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Short for Flush Attack.
Face card
The jack, queen, or king of any suit. In many video poker games holding a single face card is more valuable (has higher expected value) then holding any 3 card inside straights.
Abbreviation for Full House.
Fun In The Room
Five Aces Double Double Bonus
Video poker game. See Five Aces Double Double Bonus paytable.
Five Joker Wild
Video poker game. See Five Joker Wild paytable.
  1. A non-progressive video poker game
  2. A slant-top or bartop video poker machine (not an upright).

See also: Upright.
Lower denomination (typically $0.25 and less) advantage players. Since their effect on the bottom line is so low, many casinos regard Fleas as mere annoyances.
A poker hand where all cards are the same suit. For example:
Flush Attack
A video game in which after a certain number of flushes had been awarded (for a group of similar machines), the payout for the next flush would be increased to 25-1, the same payout for the much rarer four of a kind (in Jacks or Better video poker). The Flush Attack feature made the game positive. It was exploited and can no longer be found.
Four Flush
Four cards to a flush. That is, four cards of the same suit.
See also: Flush.
Four Of A Kind
Four cards of the same rank. For example, 4 deuces:
"Full Pay". Term used to describe a pay table. Note that a FP game may not be the highest paying variant.
Short for Full-Pay Deuces Wild.
Full Boat
See Full House.
Full House
A poker hand with three of a kind (of one rank) and a pair (of another rank). For example:
The number of coins that must be played to realize a particular games best paytable. Typically, casinos short-pay a video poker game when played less then Full-coin. For example, very often a Royal Flush pays 4000 units for a 5 coin, Full-coin wager, but only 800 units for a 4-coin wager. All vpfree2 pay tables are listed per coin, assuming that at least the Full-coin level is reached (5 coins in most instances).
Originally a term used to distinguish the first version of a particular game (to commonly appear), which was subsequently replaced by a similar game with a lower return. Today, the Full-pay designation refers to a particular pay table for a game and does not indicate if higher or lower returning variants are common. To avoid confusion, game return and pay table should be used to distinguish games.
See also: Pay table.
Full-Pay Deuces Wild
The 100.7% EV variant of deuces wild.
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