Video Poker Pay Tables
Understanding how to read and use a pay table is the key to video poker success. On vpFREE2, we list hundreds of individual video poker pay tables organized by game family.
Popular Pay Tables:
JoB : Jacks or Better
DW44 : Deuces Wild 44
DB : Double Bonus
DDB : Double Double Bonus
BP : Bonus Poker
PKM : Pickem / Pick-a-pair
Successful video poker players are always aware of the return of the game they are playing.
The game's return (or EV) is determined (almost entirely) by the its pay table. But watch out!
Casinos regularly alter pay tables-- and usually not for the better. Small differences mean a lot to your bottom line!
Check every machine and pay table before you play. Of course, Unless there is something that makes up for the poor game return, vpFREE2 strongly recommends that you do not play "bad" games. To help you with that, we list only the best games at each casino.
EV matters.
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