Video Poker Glossary
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  1. (n) A row of slot or video poker machines.
  2. (n) A bankroll or stake
  3. (v)to put away and keep (as in to "Bank a win")

See also: Carousel, Bankroll, Stake.
  1. The amount of money available to be wagered.
  2. The entire amount of money available to be wagered in a persons lifetime at that moment (Gambling Bankroll).
  3. The amount of money available to be wagered for a particular gambling session, trip, or game.(Trip Bankroll)

See also: Stake, Kelly Betting.
Kelly Betting
a (money management) strategy that sets the wager amount for optimal bankroll growth. Under Kelly Betting, the bet size is chosen based on the game's return and current bankroll size. For video poker, bet sizes are limited to certain common denominations. For that, and other reasons, strict Kelly Betting is not practical with video poker. On the other hand, Kelly Betting can be used to estimate the bankroll requirements for a given positive expectation game or playing situation with a fixed bet size. Kelly Betting does not elucidate the Risk of Ruin, however.
Risk of Ruin
The probability that, given a certain bankroll, a gambler will be ruined. For video poker, the Risk of Ruin is generally computed for an infinite number of hands, since the computation easier, though it can also be computed for any number of hands. However, if the number of hands is not specified, it is assumed to be infinite. The (infinite run) Risk of Ruin is always greater then zero for video poker, including positive games, since the variance is always non-zero. For all negative expectation situations, the Risk of Ruin is always 100%. That is, regardless of the bankroll, a gambler who plays a bad game will eventually go broke. The Risk of Ruin decreases as the size of the bankroll in betting units increases. Hence, decreasing game denomination (unit or wager) at a fixed bankroll decreases Risk of Ruin.
See also: Survivability.
  1. (n)The amount of money for a particular wagering event, trip, or game
  2. (v)to bank a gambler, by providing money for wagering
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