Wide Variety of Games

Video Poker offers a wide array of game choices. vpFREE2 tracks the choices by "game family".

We currently list 63 game families, such as:

1 Pair (Aces or Better) Joker Wild (JWA)
1 Pair (Kings or Better) Joker Wild (JW)
2 Pair Joker Wild (JW2)
A-c-e-s Bonus (Ace$)
Ace and Deuce Bonus Poker (A2BP)
Aces and Eights (A+8)
All American / USA (AA)
White Hot Aces (WHA)
Triple Triple Bonus (TTB)
Triple Poker (TP)
Triple Double Bonus (TDB)
Triple Deuces Wild (TDW)
Triple Bonus Plus (TB+)
Triple Bonus (Kings or Better) (TB)

Each of these different game families have distinct pay tables. We currently have 317 in our system.

Check them all out, organized by game family here:
vpFREE2 Video Poker Pay Tables

In addition to knowing what game to play (game family), and which paytable, the vpFREE2 member should be concerned about what game variant or game option to consider. Game variants and options can dramatically alter the return of the base game (the return we track in our Pay Tables ), turning an otherwise unplayable game with bad return into a good opportunity.

In general (and by gaming regulation is most locations), games options that involve an increase of wager to trigger a bonus feature must have the same or higher EV than the base game with the same paytable. The cost of the improvement is often an increases the variance.

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