Why Play Video Poker?

Casinos today offer a wide array of gaming. Beyond the familiar Blackjack (21), Slots, Roulette, Craps, and Baccarat, there's 3-card poker, 4-card poker, Spanish 21, War, Chinese Poker, Pai-gaw, Catch-A-Wave, and countless others. Some are table games (like Blackjack), some are machines (like Video Poker). Some use cards, some tiles, and some spinning wheels or dice. With so many gaming options, why play video poker?

The short answer is that Video Pokers offers a unique combination of gambling excitement (large jackpots, high variance) and high return (often the best in the casino) with hundreds of playing options to choose from.

The full answer on why to choose Video Poker over other casino games really depends on what you might be looking for when you gamble.

Our focus at vpFREE2 is helping the casino gambler who is primarily concerned with overall return. We are not here to help folks who just want to gamble.

We understand that in addition to optimizing return (or expected value), this advantage players wants to do so while balancing risk and having fun too! If we had to give this gambler a name, we'd call her the "recreational-slash-advantage player" or just the "vpFREE2 player". She's not a casual gambler. She's educated about gambling, well-practiced, and prepared-- and she chooses to play Video Poker, and play it well.

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