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vpFREE2 is the the preeminent online resource for players looking to find the best video poker playing opportunities in the United States and Canada. Our searchable inventory of video poker games contains thousands of listings covering a myriad of game choices at hundreds of casinos. To get the most out of this database, you'll need to be already familiar with the video poker lingo (so check out our glossary!). You should also know how to play at least one video poker game nearly perfectly using Max-EV strategy.

Master the basics games (JOB & PKM) then build your skills
If you are just starting out with video poker, we strongly suggest you first master playing the Jacks or Better video poker game that returns (with optimal play) 99.54%, also known as " 9/6 JOB". To do this, you'll need to know the correct strategy and practice, using a computer video poker training program-- until you can play nearly perfectly. A number of strategies are available on line (see for example, the wizard of odds simple JOB strategy) as is video poker training software. Once you master 9/6 JOB, you should consider learning Pick'em Poker, if the 99.95% version of that game is available at a casino you may visit, since it is an easy game to learn-- yet it is very different from Jacks or Better. BTW, both JOB and PKM are not only the easiest games to master, but also both are relatively low variance video poker games. Once those are mastered, you can go ahead and build your skills learning games that may offer better playing opportunities.
Learn the math to succeed at the comp game
Many of the best video poker playing opportunities that are listed on vpFREE2 arise through the combination of the return of the base game (such as 99.54% for 9/6 JOB) and the value of any promotions, including player's club points and comps. Though the vpFREE2 video poker inventory lists many games that return more then 100%, these games may be rare, or you may not be able to take advantage of them, or you may not want to do so for a number of reasons. In other words, to expect to be a winning video poker player, you must learn to properly value the entire playing opportunity, not just the return of the game itself. Once you can compute the overall return, you can consider whether you have the appropriate bank roll to play it, and weigh a possible win against the risk of loss or complete ruin. Of, course, make sure that you only consider the actual value (to you) of any non-cash promotions or comps.
Checkout your favorite casinos
Now that you have some idea what games and playing situations you might be looking for, it's time to check out your favorite casinos. vpFREE2 offers a few ways to find casinos. You can look them over by region here (we list 9 different regions) and quickly jump to a casino's individual pages. We also offer an , which lets you find casinos by a number of attributes including location. BTW, if you are a member and logged in, we also offer favorite casino links, and quick-jump casino search. When you are looking at a casino, don''t just check out the games. Instead make sure to check out the information on the Player's Club and read over all the comments.
Find that particular video poker game
vpFREE2 offers a full-featured video poker game & machine search API. BTW, logging into vpFREE2, unlocks a number of additional advanced search features. After logging in, you can find a "game" (like JOB) by name and EV, a "machine" in three ways ("basic", "advanced", and "more"), and filter by various casino options. And you have 1-click access to all "100%+" listings.
Give Back: Help keep vpFREE2 up-to-date
vpFREE2 is a community-based resource. Our site is maintained by a volunteer army of casino monitors. We rely on their help, and information from video poker players like you to keep our site up to date. If you see any information on our site that needs updating, please let us know. Just click on the "Send Update" tab available when looking at any casino, and your comment will be routed to the monitor.
Become a casino monitor
We are always looking for new casino monitors. Monitors play a crucial role at vpFREE2. Some monitors regularly visit one or more casinos and use the information they gather to keep their casino pages up-to-date. Others rely mainly on reports sent in from the community at large, from video poker players like you. Either way, updates are made using a monitors' only interface-- and only basic computer skills are required. If you interested, log-in to vpFREE2 and click on the "monitor" tab on a casinos page.
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