Video Poker can be a good Bet for wide range of budgets

Casinos offer Video Poker machines with a full range of denominations, from 1c to $100 (or more) and allow wagers of 1 to 25 or more couns per hand played.

The most common denominations in our sytem are $0.25 and $1 (see current data here.).

There are games that allow 1, 3, 5, 10, 50, and even 100 hands to play at once (per deal) and the video poker player may wager even more than a $1,000 per deal (see current data here.)!

Players can often choose the Video Poker game they want at the per-hand bet they are comfortable with. By controlling the speed they play (a competent video poker player can play 800 hands or more per hour), a competent Video Poker player may have a total coin-in (action) of more then $100,000 per hour, thereby generating considerable "comps" (casinos comp players in proportion to the total amount wagered-- the coin-in for Video Poker)

All of this means that unlike many other casino games, Video Poker offers high returns and potentially high comp rates for a wide range of bet sizes. For example on a $1 100-play machine, one can often get the same odds betting $5 or $500. Good Video poker is also available at good EV with wagers as small as $0.05! Since play is very fast, comps can add up quickly.

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