Current Casino Inventory Stats
Plays (Hands / Multi-play)Stats
Plays (hands)
% All Machines
76.45% of all machines
16.87% of all machines
14.62% of all machines
9.41% of all machines
1.65% of all machines
1.57% of all machines
0.41% of all machines
0.11% of all machines
This page lists the distribution of plays we track across the video poker machines in our casino inventory. Each video poker machine can have a number of multiplay variations. For example, a single machine may be single line (1 hand or 1-play), 3-play and 5-play. The great majority of the "playable" video poker games have single play, about 76% (on a machine listing basis). Multi-play situations, however, offer lower per-bet variance compared to wagering the same total amount on a single-play machine. Many video poker players seek out these lower-variance playing opportunities. On 50 and 100-play video poker machines, any number of hands (up to the 50 or 100 as appropriate) can be played. This is generally not true for 3 or 5-play machines.
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