Viejas Casino
Alpine, CA
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Sep, 2019
Host list has been updated.
about 2 years ago
VP Removed
MIA: $1 : 99.54% JoB in VIP room
almost 3 years ago
Casino Updated
Player's Club Update
Oct, 2017
Players Club Info

Effective 11/1/17:
$1 Coin-In = 1 Point on Video Poker
Free Play or Earned Comps: 1000 Points = $1 (0.10%)

Prior to 11/1/17:
$10 Coin-In = 1 Point on Video Poker
Free Play or Earned Comps: 100 Points = $1 (0.10%)
about 3 years ago
VP Updated
New Number; New Location - $1, $2, $5, $10, $25 : 99.54% JoB, 99.92% JW2, 99.73% NSUD, 99.17% BP, 99.11% DB, 98.98% DDB on at least (2) slant-tops and (2) uprights in VIP room off main floor east side
Aug, 2017
From a contributor - Inventory/vp machines constantly being moved now, as casino/resort under major remodel and addition of 2nd hotel tower. Inventory may continue to move around, as the GM continues to remodel existing casino (thru end 2017 and into 2018)!

1. VIP : There is now a VIP (tiny) room, off the main floor, east-side where the promotions stage USED to be. It has some of the $1-2-5-10-25 inventory mentioned at least 2 slanttops and 2 uprights (9/6 JB, 10/6 DDB, the JW 2pr game , NSUD, BP 8/5, and DB 9/7 as I recall.

2. The former .25 on some scattered Game Kings are even more scattered- and they also have short pay at .05/.10c as multi-denom GKs. Unfortunately KENO players tend to 'tie up' these during most evening hours/weekends. There is a circular upright group of 8 and a few in 4x4 back to back row nearby in the new section (near former center bar-being taken out), in new high ceiling designed area. Some other scattered ones are near the Restrooms towards the West Entrance/Valet escalator section. 9/6 DDB, 98.91% LV Airport/Illinois Deuces and 4700-17-7-5 JW as best games. And outside the Grove are the newer (I call them fat/squat semi-slant machines, similar to ones I've seen at Harrah's Laughlin There are only 6 in a row (used to be 6+6 bank, other side is now All-Star 2 config- shortpay games. The 6 single liners have 9/6 DDB, 15-9 Airport/Illinois 2s/wild as best games (no JW). 7/5 BP also. config also for .50c, and prog for $1. The DW for $1 might be the 20-12 version though. Stay tuned for updates, as things changing rapidly since July / Aug 2017, with final opening not determined yet (on new restaurant/hotel, and I assume more casino areas).

CLOSED - Upstairs OTB/Mexican deli, center bar and Coffeeshop too! The whole area is being 'rebuilt' into something-tbd. Casino mgt seems to like the high ceiling design (reminds me of PH in LV or similar), and I think the current GM is from NYNY or Cosmopolitan.

over 3 years ago
VP Added
New: $1 Prog : 98.91% DW44, 98.01% BP, 98.49% Bdlx, 98.45% JoB at Center Bar
over 3 years ago
VP Added
New: 25¢, 50¢ : 98.91% DW44, 98.98% DDB outside Grove Steakhouse
over 3 years ago
VP Added
New: 25¢ : 98.91% DW44, 98.98% DDB, 98.44% JW on some scattered Game Kings
over 3 years ago
Host Added
Carmela Guzetta
Feb, 2017
Bartops update - at least at the bartops I checked in center of casino (small bar under where North of the Border Mexican food/offtrack betting is above), they have .25 / $1vp prog games, semi-short pay.

.25 is pretty unplayable 8/5 JB, 6/5BP, 20-12 ugly dw, but at least prog RF (was $1398). $1 VP prog better (was $5100) with 15-9 ugly dw, 7/5 BP, 9/5 JB as better games. 8/6 Bonus pkr Deluxe and I think 9/5 ddb.
Feb, 2017
Casino under remodel 2016-2017; Some GameKings do have 9/6 DDB, 15/9 ugly dw, 4700-17-7-5 JW. Scattered uprights .05-.10-.25, but ONLY .25 denom as best games (shortpay for nickels/dimes).

Squat (larger screen) multigames outside Grove Steakhouse have .25-.50- ($1 -prog/lower paytable) 15-9 ugly dw, 9/6 ddb as best games; 7/5 BP also.

Slot club 'tier' levels:Slot club 'tier' levels:

As a 2nd tier (Silver), takes about 10k* over 6 months (rolling?). Unknown monthly offers 'boosted' in weekly freeplay and free 'staycation' hotel offers. Hotel rooms are excellent (4/5 Star AAA rated), with free USA today newspapers, coffee in room, and other amenities w/ 'no' resort fee/taxes on comp'd rooms.

*VP in GameKings is $5/pt vs $10/pt. VIP games in $1 and higher might be $10/pt. So on .25 denom reported, adds .2% and maybe .1-.2% in weekly freeplay, seems to be higher if more recent (past 3 months) avg play higher. Will report as I just renewed Silver from recent play (Nov 2016-Feb 2017). I also have mixed in some penny slot play
over 4 years ago
VP Added
New: $2, $5, $10 : 99.92% JW2 in VIP room
over 4 years ago
VP Removed
MIA: $1 : 99.17% BP several banks
over 4 years ago
VP Added
New: $2 : 99.17% BP in high limit room
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