Topaz Lodge and Casino
Gardnerville, NV
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over 7 years ago
VP Updated
New Location/Notes; New number - $1 : 99.54% JoB at various locations (about 2/3 of all $1 machines)
over 7 years ago
VP Updated
New: $1 : 99.64% Bdlx at various locations (about 1/3 to 1/2 of all $1 machines)
almost 10 years ago
VP Updated
New: (6) $1 : 99.54% JoB location unknown
Feb, 2009
*** MIA -
Apr, 2008
The $1 PKM is MIA. There is still $1 9/6/4000 JoB. Also they have 3x points tues/wed/thu during certain times instead of Mondays.
Apr, 2008
*** MIA - *** (2) $1 99.9% PKM Game Makers against the wall near cashier.
Jul, 2007
The casino has reopened after the fire with a cleaner more updated look. I could not find any plays for the player below the $1 level. They now have a slot club with a 3 tier system. The big incentive to move up to a higher tier is the discounts they give at the gas station. With the Topaz Lodge in a more isolated location, the gas discounts are quite valuable.
May, 2007
Topaz Lodge casino recently had a major fire and is closed for renovations. It will reopen June 1st 2007 with all new game inventory. They added a new slot club prior to the fire.
Feb, 2005
Topaz Lodge (Gardnerville) is at Lake Topaz, where they have caught many trophy trout. It's also an easy base camp for trout fishing along the Walker River. Comp situation is not as difficult as you would conclude. They don't follow you around, because they have other duties. They just notice you in passing, so it's nice to ask them few questions at intervals, and be friendly and polite. Your results may vary depending upon how much they like you. The food is fine, but nothing special. The rooms are kind of like a Holiday Inn, clean and generic, but with a great view of the lake.
Oct, 2004
The two $1 game makers with pick'em also has 9/6 JOB. I could not find any playable quarter machines. The Topaz Lodge does not have a slot club, but you can asked to be tracked by a change person. I am not too sure how it works, but I was told a change person will "keep their eye on you", and they will figure out what comps they will give you. I declined, as I did not want a change gal timing my restroom visits.
Apr, 2004
If you continue north on US 395 you will come to Topaz Lake and Topaz Lodge, which is on the California/Nevada border. They have a nice friendly casino and motel/RV park. There are 2 full pay $1 pick'em against the wall near the coffee shop. The bar is a great place to get a cold one and play some VP. Nothing too great, but they have goldmine and triple trouble VP in the bartops. The view is great- large windows look out over the lake, and the sunsets are spectacular.
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