The Big Easy Casino
Hallandale Beach, FL
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When reporting Video Poker updates, please include the machine denominations and the particular video poker game. This is especially important when reporting changes to the video poker inventory at the The Big Easy Casino.
To specify the Video Poker game, please use its common abbreviation, like JoB or DDB, and include its pay table or return (EV).
If possible, detail the type of machine (slant, upright, bar-top), number of machines and location. A complete, concise entry for a machine might look one of these:
"New: (2) $1, $2, $5 1 Play Slant-top near the restroom entrance"
"MIA: (3) $5, $10, $25 1 Play Slant-top Game Kings not against the wall in high limit room ".
Just make sure to list the games like 98.98% DDB (FP) or 98.91% LV Airport/Illinois Deuces.
If you don't know the return, include the pay table.
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