Max Casino at the Westin Las Vegas Closed
Las Vegas, NV
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Jul, 2017
The Max Casino is completely closed now with the casino area walled-off. The cashier/players club is also closed. The restaurant is temporarily in one of the conference rooms.
Oct, 2015
No change to the games listed in vpFREE2 for this casino. The 98.91% DW44 is still the best game. DDB is 9/5 or lower. BP is 7/5 or lower. There are no longer any machines at all at the bar.
Nov, 2013
As of November 1, 2013 the Westin Casuarina Casino is now the Max Casino at the Westin Las Vegas. News article here.
almost 7 years ago
VP Updated
New number - (2) $1 : 98.91% DW44 outside the bar
over 7 years ago
Casino Updated
Player's Club Update
Jun, 2012
As of May 1, 2012, 777 Gaming is leasing and operating the casino. News article:
Oct, 2011
Columbia Sussex Corp. has surrendered the hotal casino to CWCapital Asset Management, a group of lenders. Newspaper article:
about 9 years ago
VP Added
Added to Database: (1) $1 : 98.91% DW44 outside the bar
about 9 years ago
VP Updated
New Location - (2) $1, $2 : 98.91% DW44 outside the bar
about 9 years ago
VP Removed
MIA: 25c, 50c, $1 : 98.91% DW44 at the bar
Feb, 2010
MIA - 5c/10c/25c NSUD and 25c 9/6 JoB.
May, 2005
*** MIA - *** $1 MG/MD 20/10/6 JW2 bartops. 25c/50c/$1 MG/MD NSUD bartops. 25c/50c/$1 MG/MD 9/6 JoB bartops.
Feb, 2005
This is a classy, quiet little casino.
Feb, 2005
*** MIA - *** 25c MG/MD 20/10/6 JW2 slant-tops scattered around casino. 25c/50c MG/MD 20/10/6 JW2 bartops. 25c (3 Play) 9/7 DB. $1 MG/MD 9/7 DB.
Mar, 2004
The $2 NSUD are MIA.
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