Gold Coast Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV
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Jul, 2017
The three Super Star Poker machines at the Island Bar have been removed.
Mar, 2017
Jean Scott's post on the vpFREE forum - "Just verified this with the players club desk – YAH rules are back the way they were before March 1. Out-of-towners WILL be eligible for this promo. Haven’t checked with other Boyd properties but I imagine same there. It was said that they had been “flooded” with complaints. Sometimes customer complaints ARE effective."
Jan, 2015
The recently reported $5 3 play 10/7 DB and 10/6 DDB with 500 SF's have the 5-K quads shorted to 200 making the 10/7 DB 99.17% and the 10/6 DDB 99.02%.
Mar, 2010
MIA - (4) uprights between the buffet and Flamingo Rd. Bar with 25c FPDW, 10/7 DB and 10/6 DDB.
MIA - (8) uprights 3 rows in front of Flamingo Rd. Bar with 25c NSUD and 9/6 JoB.
Dec, 2009
MIA - (4) uprights near Seattle's Best Coffee with 25c FPDW, 10/6 DDB and 10/7 DB.
Jun, 2008
*** MIA - *** (6) 25c FPDW, 10/7 DB and 10/6 DDB uprights about 5 rows in front of Ping Pang Pong restaurant. (8) 25c FPDW, 10/7 DB and 10/6 DDB uprights next to the poker area. (6) 50c/$1/$2 MG/MD 12/4 DBDW uprights against wall near Oyster Bar.
Dec, 2006
The (1) 50c/$1/$2/$5 (1/2/3/5/10 Play - 10-coin) 9/6 JoB Flex Play is now only 5 coin.
Jun, 2005
All $5 and up NSUD at Barbary/Gold Coast have been shorted to 15/9. This includes the (2) $2 3/5 play machines at Barbary.
Nov, 2003
Was at the Gold Coast the weekend before last. Tried to use my "birthday" points in the pickem machines; I searched high and low, confirming they were not where they used to be, and couldn't find any. A floor person who claimed they were her favorite machines said they were all removed because they couldn't TITO them.
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