Gold Coast Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV
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May, 2023
Casino host Edwin Lau has retired.
Jan, 2023
The rate to redeem points at all food outlets at all Boyd properties is now 1000 points per dollar. Previously the rate was 600 points per dollar, a 40% discount.
Jul, 2017
The three Super Star Poker machines at the Island Bar have been removed.
Mar, 2017
Jean Scott's post on the vpFREE forum - "Just verified this with the players club desk – YAH rules are back the way they were before March 1. Out-of-towners WILL be eligible for this promo. Haven’t checked with other Boyd properties but I imagine same there. It was said that they had been “flooded” with complaints. Sometimes customer complaints ARE effective."
Jan, 2015
The recently reported $5 3 play 10/7 DB and 10/6 DDB with 500 SF's have the 5-K quads shorted to 200 making the 10/7 DB 99.17% and the 10/6 DDB 99.02%.
Mar, 2010
MIA - (4) uprights between the buffet and Flamingo Rd. Bar with 25c FPDW, 10/7 DB and 10/6 DDB.
MIA - (8) uprights 3 rows in front of Flamingo Rd. Bar with 25c NSUD and 9/6 JoB.
Dec, 2009
MIA - (4) uprights near Seattle's Best Coffee with 25c FPDW, 10/6 DDB and 10/7 DB.
Jun, 2008
*** MIA - *** (6) 25c FPDW, 10/7 DB and 10/6 DDB uprights about 5 rows in front of Ping Pang Pong restaurant. (8) 25c FPDW, 10/7 DB and 10/6 DDB uprights next to the poker area. (6) 50c/$1/$2 MG/MD 12/4 DBDW uprights against wall near Oyster Bar.
Dec, 2006
The (1) 50c/$1/$2/$5 (1/2/3/5/10 Play - 10-coin) 9/6 JoB Flex Play is now only 5 coin.
Jun, 2005
All $5 and up NSUD at Barbary/Gold Coast have been shorted to 15/9. This includes the (2) $2 3/5 play machines at Barbary.
Nov, 2003
Was at the Gold Coast the weekend before last. Tried to use my "birthday" points in the pickem machines; I searched high and low, confirming they were not where they used to be, and couldn't find any. A floor person who claimed they were her favorite machines said they were all removed because they couldn't TITO them.
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