Carson Valley Inn
Minden, NV
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Apr, 2011
The 9/6 JOB reported MIA earlier this month are still in the same spot.
May, 2010
CVI has new owners that came in and cleaned up the place. New air control system, new rugs, bar, steakhouse and paint. They also threw out most of the old video poker games. They kept a few of the old coin machines- one bank of 9/6 JOB $ and a bank of short pay progressive DB $. Pick'em was a favorite at the CVI, but out went all the old machines. They still have pick'em in the new game makers, but they are all short pay now. On a positive note, they seem to be doing more marketing to out of towners with mailers for free rooms, free play and dining certificates. They have also implemented a conversion of earned slot points to free play.
Oct, 2008
CVI has (2) .25 9/6 JOB 3 play, just south of the stairs to the poker room.
May, 2008
The $1 Pkm is now down to one machine. The other two are gone.
Apr, 2008
*** MIA - *** 25c 9/6 DDB scattered near the coffee shop.
May, 2007
I was informed by the slot club that they are now sending out free play offers to selected players.
Oct, 2004
I recently had a chance to visit the Carson Valley Inn located in Minden Nevada. For those of you that are not familiar with the area, Minden is about 20 miles south of Carson City, and about a 30 minute drive from the South Shore Lake Tahoe casinos. They have several restaurants, a hotel, a motor lodge, gas station (you can use comps here also), and RV park. I like to go to the CVI, because they have full pay pick'em VP in quarter and dollars. They have 10 quarter pick'em machines in Gamemakers labeled "Keno plus" next to the Keno area. They have 2 dollar pick'em in Game makers located in the northwest area near all the dollar slots. I did not look at all the machines, but I did find several 8/5 Bonus Poker, and 9/6 DDB machines in the quarters scattered about near the coffee shop. The deuces machines I found were all short pay. For the dollar player, I found a bank of 9/6 JOB in the dollar slot area, and also some 9/6 DDB. They have a slot club (the Inn Club) with comps, but no cash back. As near as I can figure, the comp rate is .25% for the VP player. I get a monthly newsletter, but I have never received any room offers. This casino caters mostly to the local trade, but I have also seen a number of bus loads of seniors coming in from who knows where. They offer free entertainment at the VP bar. It is really a nice set up, with the band playing just above the bar. The bands are the usual tribute type, but I have seen some pretty good bands playing. The VP machines on the right side are 7/5 Bonus with a progressive on RF, SF, and all the four of a kinds. If you head down this area, I might recommend a dinner stop at JT's. JT's is a Basque restaurant next to Sharkeys casino in Garnderville on hwy 395. This place is packed every night with local trade. Huge portions served family style with a choice of several entrees. Try a Basque specialty drink called the picon before dinner. I don't think I would make a special trip to the Carson Valley Inn, but if you are in the area, it is worth a stop.
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