Atlantic City, NJ
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4 Stars Overall Video Poker
Most of the VP inventory is old and showing age, however kept in good shape in general. There are still some of the best VP options on the east coast located here, a few 9/6J Multistrike for instance. But with each return trip, the VP is getting more sparse and now they do not permit use of Slot Dollars on VP. However, the property is high end and offers great service and great food, plus spa, barbershop, pools, etc. So a nice vacation spot with good VP options along with a fun casino environment. Just not as good as when they first opened. cdpratt99
Low Limit VP
3 Stars
Player's Club / Comps
4 Stars
Medium Limit VP
3 Stars
5 Stars
High Limit VP
4 Stars
5 Stars
Review # 14-214 by  cdpratt99 [1 Review]
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