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Believe it or not, casinos still offer video poker games that return more than 100%. Yes, you read that correctly. If you know how to find them (we do), you can beat the house.
But don't rush out just yet an expect to rake it in. You have a lot to master first...
Question #1: Should you play this game?
ROYAL FLUSH......250500 75010004000
STRAIGHT FLUSH...50100 150200250
4 OF A KIND......2550 75100125
FULL HOUSE.......816 243240
FLUSH............612 182430
STRAIGHT.........48 121620
3 OF A KIND......36 91215
TWO PAIR.........24 6810
Answer: Probably not, and only if there is a very special promotion availble. It's return is only 98.39%. Don't know how to quickly read a pay table? No Problem
Question #2: What is the correct play here?
Answer: It depends on the game (of course!)
"Hold the high card only"
99.54% Jacks or Better (aka "Full Pay JoB" or "9/6 JoB")
"Go for the gut shot straight"
98.91% Dueces Wild 44 ("LV Airport/Illinois Deuces")
"Go for the back door flush"
99.11% Double Bonus (DB)
Make any other play, and you are not playing "Max EV Strategy". That's a mistake.
Question #3: You plan to play $0.25 9/6 DDB. Comp Rate is 0.5% with a $100 promo. How long should you play?
Easy: about 6.5 hours max (and shorter is better). Any longer and you are losing money. Of course this assumes you are an exceptional player who never makes mistakes, plays quickly (800 hands/hour) and fully values all comps (1:1). Don't know how to make computations like this? Or perhaps you don't play perfectly yet...again, time do your homework. When you know how to properly value comps and promotions, you unlock a wide range of potentially propfitable playing opportunite for games with EV < 100%.
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vpFREE2 caters to the serious video poker player. Our members are video poker pros, advantage players, and casual gamblers alike. It is not easy to beat the casino. But it starts by refusing to play bad games. If EV of the video poker game you play doesn't matter to you, then this is not the site for you. Period.
videopoker.com has all the games-- and they look just like the ones at the casino. Their site says 'learn at home / win at the casinos' -- but what a lie! Fake news. They don't help me win at the casino in any way. Not one bit. vpfree2 shows me where to find the best video poker games and how to compute the ER so I can avoid loosing my money playing a bad game at the casino. That's what's important. That's why I love vpfree2! Keep up the good work! Bob in Summerlin
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