Whiskey Pete's
Primm, NV
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over 7 years ago
Host Added
Tralane Mercadel [email protected]
May, 2012
still no playable VP as of 5/29. Best I saw was $1 8/5 JoB.
May, 2011
According to news article, casino owner is now Affinity Gaming.
Apr, 2010
Jun, 2008
*** MIA - *** (1) 25c FPDW bartop @ the main bar on the end where they sell Hot Dogs.
Feb, 2007
*** MIA - *** (2) 25c green face plate FPDW slant-tops near the buffet exit.
Nov, 2006
Herbst Gaming to buy Primm properties
May, 2005
I was at Primm on memorial day and found these. 25c FPDW(100.7%) at Buffalo Bill's. 2 green faceplate slant-tops machines back to back. Hard to describe the location but they are midway between a group of 25c progressive DB or DDB and the cigarette machines on the wall. 25c FPDW(100.7%) at Whiskey Pete's 1 bartop machine at the main bar. It's on the end of the bar closest to where they sell Hot Dogs. Also at Whiskey Pete's some 25c BP(99.1%) machines scattered throughout and 2 nickel BP(99.1%) uprights. $1 9/6 JOB at Primm Valley. Huge - location and game details are unknown. Players Club is still $25 per point. 50 points gets a buffet. 75 points gets a Su-Th room at any of the 3 properties. Most recent mailer has 2 nights free(Su-Th) + $10 Gas.
Feb, 2004
Has anyone been to Primm lately. Database lists .25 fpdw and 10/7 db at Primm Valley but i couldn't locate them. Same for Whiskey Pete's .25/$1 fpdw
Feb, 2004
All $1 fpdw are history. No .25 fpdw at Primm valley. Several .25 fpdw at buffalo bills. Don't know if any .25 fpdw still exist at whiskey pete's.
Jul, 2002
$500 a day coin-in gets free room offers, often as many as two or three a month. $5000 coin in a day for two or three days received four or five free room offers a month and free concert - Brooks and Dunn, Four Tops, Neville Bros, Martina McBride, Alan Jackson to name a few. Current offering [often repeated during slow months] includes free buffet for two coupon [came with flyer/mailing] and $10 free gas coupon if you're driving in, and two free tickets to their movie theater.
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