Wendover Nugget
West Wendover, NV
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Jan, 2018
Wendover Gaming, LLC is the new owner of the Wendover Nugget and Red Garter Casinos. Previous owner was the Ensign family's Generation 2000/2010 LLC.
Aug, 2012
We saw some $1 "Double Deuces" games that may be a play. We did not have pencil/paper to write down the payscale, and cannot be certain.
Apr, 2012
I visited Wendover Nugget on 4-16-2012. The following changes have occured. Its possible I missed where they may have been moved, but I doubt it.

JOB cut to 8/5 at all levels--perhaps a 9/5 game here or there, that's it
NSUD--cut to Pseudo NSUD, ie 15 (5K), 9 (SF).
Double Deuces--gone!
Bonus DeLuxe--cut to 8/6 at best.
Double Bonus--cut to 9/6/5

As far as I can tell, there is nothing over 99% left. If I'm in error, I apoligize, but I doubt it.
Apr, 2006
The Wendover Nugget probably has the best theoretical game here, 12/8 Shockwave. I can't remember the numbers but I think it's right at 100%. Maybe someone else can post it along with it's gillion digit variance. They also have 9/6 Jacks prog in dollars, .5% meter. and the sports bar has multi-game prog in quarters with 9./6 jacks being the best game - .4% meter. This is where I give VP action when I catch a decent number. The card is .5% comp used for rooms, meals and gift shop. They have some pretty nice women's clothing here. The mailers are good too. The casino has no ambience but I like the rooms here. They are huge with King beds, 60 channels, huge bathroom and balconies. I stay when I have built up comp from the progressives.
Jan, 2006
The Wendover Nugget has lots of NSU (5c, 10c, quarters, half-dollars, dollars, $2 and $5) and a few progressive banks offering full-pay jacks or better. The sports bar and the cigar bar have quarter FPJB progressive, and there's a $1 FPJB progressive between the pit and the main cage. All the progressive machines are MGMD, but full-pay JB is the best game on all of them.
Oct, 2003
As far as wendover there are very few full pay machines. most pay out around 96% The new state line Nugget has put in a huge inventory of game king VP there are dozens but we have not found full pay yet, and the 3 play and 5 play seem to pay around 94%. There are so many new machines that it will take quite a while for us to look at them all. At Montego bay we have found 2 full pay machines by the elevators and one upstairs by the skyway to the state line nugget. We havent found any full pay at the peppermill or the Rainbow, but since they have started putting in the tito machines there are a lot of new ones there too. The Peppermill, Rainbow and the New Montego bay have a new slot club program. All three now share the same card and its called the passport. The details are non existant but from playing and evaluating points earned it seems that 1$ in = one point and 100 points = 1$ CB. There no longer seems to be discresionary comps and its a bit harder now to get a free room. The Rainbow and Peppermill are still sending quarterly coupons, however I dont know how that will change with the Montego Bay added to the group. The grand opening for the Montego Bay is Oct 31-Nov. 3. The Montego has also added a pool and a day spa/fitness center. I was talking with one of the shuttle drivers saturday night and it seems there are some great new things comming to Wendover. There is a master plan for a new resort and light rail will be going in sometime in 2004. The changes for Wendover in general are fantastic and it is becoming more of a resort town instead of just a little border town. The State line Nugget, also has a new slot club program but I havent had time to evaluate it since we dont play there as often. The Nugget has added so many Game King multi play, multi denomination VP machines that there are more of those than slots.
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