Sterling Ambassador II Closed
unknown, TX
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Jun, 2010
I keep spotting the Ambassador II docked at the Port of Orange (old Navy base). Is it getting ready to reopen or just sitting there???
Feb, 2009
Sails twice daily
Free parking
Free admission
Free entertainment
Free deli buffet
Jul, 2008
Sterling Ambassador II is moving from Cape Canaveral FL to Texas.
Apr, 2008
FPDW and FPJW are still there. About (6) more $1 JW have been added the third deck.
May, 2006
There are still 4 FPDW in dollars & there are 4 KBJW in dollars. 2 are directly opposite the change booth on the 4th floor....... 2 are way to the right side off the escalator on the 3rd floor, near the far end of the floor. Don't forget to get their slot card. It's good for shirts, knick-knacks etc. You have to call in advance to make a reservation to board. Bring your photo ID or they won't let you board. The free buffet is worth just that.
Feb, 2005
They have 3 FPDW and 2 (100.6%) KBJW at the dollar level.
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