Soaring Eagle
Mt. Pleasant, MI
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1 Star Overall Video Poker
90 percent of the video poker machines are class 2 machines. All the good payback machine are second class. The machines look like regular igt. A year and a half study talking to slot techs, supervisors at both of there casinos. Class 3 machines use a Rng random number generator for out come. You can use the pay table to figure out your return. Class 2 software uses a bingo outcomes and relates to the cards on screen. They can set the holdback percentage where they want to and like a regular slot machine. If you play a lot of video poker your coins in and out will show you over time your return. There standish casino is near 100% class 2 video poker. Not recommened for pro and semi pro players. The reason they switched to these class 2 machines. 1) They hate people who can win. Like card counters 2) They don't pay taxes on machines. 3) They dont halfto show revenues off machines. 4) the software so good you dont know your being robbed. Scrapile
Low Limit VP
1 Star
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Medium Limit VP
1 Star
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Review # 238-241 by  Scrapile [1 Review]
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