Seven Feathers
Canyonville, OR
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over 3 years ago
VP Removed
MIA: $5 : 100.07% DDB location not reported
about 7 years ago
VP Updated
New: $5 : 100.07% DDB location not reported
Nov, 2005
Someone reported on one of the lists that Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville, Oregon had full pay JOB. Since I live about 30 miles from there I thought I had better go down there and check it out. I have been there in the past but avoided the VP games because the pay tables were so bad. I had heard that the state did not allow them to put in any higher pay tables than were available through the state run lottery system. I don't know if that is true or not but there is indeed 9/6 JOB at the dollar level at Seven Feathers. There is also 9/7 DB. The bank that I played consists of 12 Game Kings, multi-denom., multi-game machines. 25 cent and 5 cent are all low pay- 8/5 JB, etc. There is another bank near the coffee shop of I think, 16 machines. I was only able to check one but it was 9/6 at the dollar level. Every other machine in that bank was taken by Keno players. There is a bank of machines near the Players Club booth that appears to be full pay but the Royal only pays 2500 coins. Seven Feathers gives both cashback and comps. The rate is hard to figure though because there is no countdown on the card readers. I did earn 3270 points in approximately 2 hrs. I played fairly fast. 2000 pts. are worth $5. Comps are in addition to that and seem to accumulate at about the same rate as cashback. I have played craps and BJ there in the past and I don't know what my comp account was when I started playing. They do have some decent food options here. The Camas Room is a very nice upscale restaurant that specializes in Northwest fare and is probably the nicest restaurant within 50 miles. The coffee shop is passable. They have a nice lounge called Styx that has a limited but good menu. There is also an ice cream and sandwich shop. It's really a lovely casino and I am pleased to have something to play so close to home. I am going to get more information on video poker in Oregon next week. We have opened a Deli and Lounge and just got our license to have lottery games including VP. I know the pay tables are horrible and they have some really weird games but I don't even know if they are random. I'll report on what I learn. If you are driving up or down I-5 stop at the Winchester Deli for food and drink but go to Seven Feathers for VP!
Oct, 2005
This is an Indain casino about 20 miles south of Roseburg. JOB: full pay 9/6 at the dollar level in three banks, all MG, MD Game King tito uprights: 12 by the slot club; 12 by the entrance to the Cow Creek resturant; 12 about one row in and to the east of the west cashiers (sort of near keno). The bank by the slot club also has Airport/Illinois deuces at the dollar level; at the quarter level, the deuces return 97.58%. There's a strange .25 , five-meter BP progressive near keno. However, even with all the meters kicking in, it was less than 96%. I think 94.18% if all meters totally reset. Blackjack is out of a six deck shoe, double down after any first two cards, split after split, but not double; dealer hits soft 17. May be the closest Oregon casino to having Reno casino ambience; Chinook Winds in Lincoln city is probably a close second, and with better blackjack.
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