Seneca Niagara
Niagara Falls, NY
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Mar, 2004
For the hi-rollers Seneca has $5 and $10 JOB single line and 3-5-10 play. There's still no cashback, just food comps, which register on the reader. The buffet is getting high revues. There's usually a long wait for valet parking.
Mar, 2004
I was at Seneca Niagara yesterday and the 9/6 DB seems to be everywhere. In quarters there seem to be just 2 different sets of games even though the machines are labeled differently. In the non- smoking section, I played a 2-cent game where you could play up to 100 hands and a 5-cent, 50-play. I ended up at these because the quarter games sucked my money up way too fast. (What did I expect?!) They have a joker wild game there with 4,000 coins for 5 of a kind like in AC with an ev of 97.16% but I don't practice jokers so I haven't played this.
Dec, 2003
Went to Seneca Niagara Sat morning and found the $5 and $10 multi machines 9/6 JOB are also availble in 3,5 and 10 play. Can't imagine many interested at that level without cb, but thought you might want to put into the database. Also in the non-smoking casino they have four 2 cent 100 play multi gamers. Pay tables are poor, but they might be worth a mention for the recreational adventurer. If the border crossings ease up next week we'll be doing Casino Niagara in Canada. I'll get back to you with an update on that. Current database isn't really accurate.
Aug, 2003
The new Seneca Casino is nice and features a non smoking section.
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