Seneca Niagara
Niagara Falls, NY
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Dec, 2017
There are three identifiable casino areas: The hotel casino ( since it is accessed directly from the hotel lobby area near the elevators), the main casino, and the non smoking casino ( called Turtle Island). There is no decent video poker in the non smoking casino.
Dec, 2012
The casino gives out discretionary comps to newbies to get them interested, and to those that lose enough to make it worth their while. If you win they don't like to grant you comps.
Jan, 2011
Added newer style Game Makers-Pick-em. Three $1 and three $5. These are located by the other $5 machines in the hotel area. A total of 26 full pay machines. Casino host- Virgina Seguin.
Mar, 2010
Now the requirement for $1 comp is $350 in.
Apr, 2009
$300 cash in is required for 1 point on all BP and PE
Mar, 2009
8/5 Bonus was giving 1 point (worth $1 comp)for $150 coin in.
Not sure about the pick'em because I could not get on either the $1 or $5.
After 4 P.M. on Sunday and Tuesdays in March comp dollars can be exchanged 1 for 1 for free play.
Dec, 2007
Seneca Niagara has several $1 triple play BP, near the covered valet parking.
Oct, 2007
Seneca has a bank of quarter 7/5 Bonus Royal Progressive machines in the video poker area.
Aug, 2007
They have 4 50v 8/5 Bonus Poker 3/5 Play located in main VP area.
Nov, 2005
Seneca Niagara has $.50 and $1 8/5 BP 9/6DB and 8/5 JOB and 8/5 DDB. The $.25 level is 7/5 BP and 7/5 DDB with some other variation on BP. It takes $200 coin in to earn 1 Seneca point. $100-coin in on slots. Some $.50 BP has been down graded to 7/5. Chairman's Club level is attained by accumulating 5,000 points in a one year time span. This entitles you to a 10% discount in the gift shops and restaurants and allows you to participate in every promo.
Apr, 2005
*** MIA - *** 25c MG 8/5 BP - a few if you look hard around the elevated bar.
Apr, 2005
The .25 8/5 BP is now 10/8/5/3/1/1 ... slightly over 94%. It now takes $100 to earn one comp dollar. This was on $ pick em and BP.
Oct, 2004
Seneca Niagara recently changed from $100 = 1 point to $200 = 1 point. A point is a dollar in comp dollars. Prices in the player store which sells anything from logo clothing to electronics to appliances,jewelry etc.are inflated about 20-30% but it includes shipping. Room comps are discretionary.
Aug, 2004
There are some $1 pick'em games near the center bar. and they have 25c Colorado Deuces.
Jul, 2004
25c MG all have lousy pay scales. 50c and $1 multi games have 8/5 BP which is probably the best game in the place with the exception of the $5 JoB. No Cashback, but points are earned at the rate of $100-coin in per point with exception of the progrssives which take $200 per point. Points can be used for food and merchandise in 3 different stores in the main hall to the left as you walk in. Along with the .50 and $1 BP they do have some .25 machines. They're few and far between but they do exist. For the recreational player the new balcony level has .05 multi-strike and .25 big split poker.
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