Saddle West
Pahrump, NV
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Jun, 2008
SW has just done away with their non-smoking area.
Apr, 2008
I did not check every single machine at each domination but looked at all the earlier listed Video Poker playable machines. I found a downgrade of the pay tables at all coin levels. "No Full Pay Video Poker" was found and I looked a most all of the games. The best pay-tables found were in the Non-Smoking area and were 8-6 JOB. These VP Games also had a Progressive on the Royals at all coin levels including pennies to Dollars. As many players were playing less than full coin in these may be your best bet to check out as the Royal goes higher. Many of the bar top machines were 6-5 JOB so look carefully. Points for VP are now one point for every Two dollar coin in. They have added penny, two penny and nickles to many of the VP games so it was hard to get to all the VP locations. Lots of local play at the penny level.
Apr, 2008
*** MIA - *** 25c/50c/$1 MG/MD NSUD scattered around casino. (4) 5c/25c 9/6 JoB PROG (RF) in small room on south west corner of casino. 25c/50c/$1 MG/MD 9/6 JoB in small room on south west corner of casino.
Nov, 2007
Golden Gaming has entered into an agreement to acquire Saddle West from Marnell Sher Gaming.
Oct, 2007
As mentioned in the database, there are a number of MG/MD machines with $.25/$.50/$1 NSUD on them. As mentioned in the notes at the bottom of the database page, but not reflected at the top, points earn at $2/point for VP. Comps are redeemable at 200 pts/$1, or .25% for VP. Cashback earns at 1000 pts/$1 or .05% for VP. Tier status at Saddle West is based on monthly play, and must be renewed each month. It's not clear whether you can get cash back and comps, in fact from their literature (visible on their website) it looks like you have to choose between cash back or comps. The interesting thing is that one option for using your points is to buy bonus play (free play) at the comp rate. This is handled at the VP or slot machine itself.
Apr, 2007
Saddle West Pahrump, NV. April 2nd 2007 $2 Coin in = 1 Point On Video Poker Cash back 1000 points = $1 Comps 200 points = $1 Gift shop, Cafes and Rooms Casino Host, Wanda Kennedy Only works weekdays Best Games: Missing in action. NSUD Bar Tops Remaining: (6) 0n one side and (4) on the other 9-6 Job and NSUD found in hallway leading to pool area, near restrooms. 25c/50/$1 MG/MD In Non-Smoking area Southwest Corner of Casino (8) 9/6 and NSUD 25c and up. Machines in pairs and back to back. Some progressive's worth watching. Comments: The Saddle has kind of remodeled by painting and adding new flooring covers. Plus a few more lights and a new players card system. The Old West feel remains along with the many friendly local folks. If you want to see what Downtown Vegas looked and felt like many years ago, then see and feel the Saddle West. The five times points on Mondays are Slots only. Some good golf and room packages.
Aug, 2006
Saddle West has a good number of .25 9/6 JOB and 8/5 BP, as well as a non-smoking area with both of those with progressives. (Get $2 off of the buffet when you show your players club card.)
Apr, 2005
When entering Pahrump/Saddle West, set your watch back ten years...I expected Wyatt Earp or the "Hole In The Wall Gang" to enter any minute. Good food and service once we got used to the old time atmosphere. Deluxe rooms were nice and CLEAN but a little noisy. Host/Events Coord: Wanda. 9-6 JOB MG/MD TITO .05 to $1. Most located in small room on south west corner of casino.Many are flat tops. 4 of these machines have progressive jackpot at .05/.25 level. Two machines on each side South end of bank of VP machines near middle of this small back room. Many NSUD at .05 to $1 mixed in with the MG VP machines but scattered in with Ugly Ducks Some NSUD .25/$1 in west bar/Bar Tops. Players Club. $1 per point For meals, rooms and RV spots. Value about .01% Pick up points redemption sheet as values vary. Triple points days early in the week (April) and ten time points on Birthdays and Anniversarys year round.
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