Riverwalk Casino and Hotel
Vicksburg, MS
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Nov, 2012
New Owner. Click here for more information.
about 9 years ago
VP Removed
MIA: : 99.94% SA Location and game details are unknown
Apr, 2012
99.94% SA removed from inventory because denominations were unknown
almost 11 years ago
Casino Updated
Player's Club Update
Jun, 2010
The video poker is supposed to require $9 for 1 point. The progressives and the non-progressives at the bar are requiring $40 for a point. New members receive about $220 cashback for $20,000 of play the first day.
Feb, 2009
Riverwalk is a land-based casino, built after Hurricane Katrina persuaded my state lawmakers to change some laws to allow casinos on land. I went there first. They were playing 80s music. I happen to like 80s music. But I was wondering if this is the shape of things to come; will I be in my golden years, feeding the video poker machines while Duran Duran and Bannanarama play over the speakers? Anyway. The only game I am familiar with is Jacks or Better. I am pleased to report that I saw 9/6 JoB in all denominations from 5c through 5$. There was also a 9/6 25c JoB progressive up to $1500 and change. It was one of those Suited Royals machiens, where each suit has its own progressive (but the progressives start out at $1000). I don't know what the advantage percentage is on that, but it's got to be good. Anybody care to do the math or show me how? I signed up for a players club card, and got an instant five dollars, which I immediatly cashed in and used to pay for half of a lunch buffet. The buffet had home cooking on it (meatloaf, mac'n'cheese mashed potatos, pork, fried chicken, bbq, etc) and it tasted fine. The Slot Club takes $8 of action to generate one point, and one point is worth 1 penny of cashback, according to the counter girl. Yikes! That's lousy! The Riverwalk had some 3 or 5 play machines, but not in JoB that I could find. No 50 or 100 play machines.
Nov, 2008
The best vp I could find was a bank of $1 9/6 JOB progressives. Flat-top 9/6 JOB from 25c to $5--a few multi-plays. A 25c bank of progressive JOB that were 8/6 (I think) or 8/5. I saw nothing else that was remotely attractive. No idea of CB rate. A couple of craps tables, an electronic roulette wheel, and lots of bj pitch games. It's an easy walk to Rainbow (and about the same size). Dining options seem to be buffet or steakhouse--I didn't try either. There were some 8/5 SuperAcesBonus scattered about. Don't recall the denoms or if they were available in multi-plays though.
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