Rideau Carleton Raceway
Ottawa, ON
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almost 12 years ago
VP Updated
MIA: (6) $1 : 99.95% PKM by the 'Admirals Club'
Apr, 2011
MIA - $1 full pay Pick'Em
almost 12 years ago
Casino Updated
Player's Club Update cashback changed to .2119%
Mar, 2009
MIA: as of Mar 27/09, all $0.25 full pay pick em and all but 6 $1 full pay pick em
Mar, 2009
As of Feb 27, 2009 only 6 full pay $1 Pick'Em machines remain at Rideau Carlton. They are right by the 'Admirals Club'. All the rest of the $0.25 and $1 machines are now the new HD versions but with the bad payscales.
Mar, 2008
Had to go to Ottawa for work last week. Figured i'd check out Rideau Carlton and update the database. They have a nice selection of Pick'Em with 25 $0.25 machines and 14 $1 machines. All full pay. You can use your regular Woodbine players card there to accrue points. The staff were extremely friendly too. The food is top notch, cheap ($9.99 buffet) and puts Woodbine Willows to shame in terms of variety. On Fridays the dinner even includes 1 free lobster per person! It was all comped for me of course.
Jun, 2007
Rideau Carleton has 18 25c and 6 $1 slant top Multi-Game Game Makers with Full Pay Pick’Em. The .25 machines are TITO and are in 2 separate banks of 9. Backing one bank is another 9 .25 Game Makers which do not contain Pick’Em. The $ machines are in 1 back-to-back bank with 3 per side, and are not yet converted to TITO. There is no other playable VP. I could not get an answer about cashback or comps from slot club but for about 4 hours of full coin quarter play I received $13 cashback. I was there on Seniors Day (Tuesday) and there was a breakfast special, free pull and special draw for seniors. Locals had also received various amounts of comps/coin. I have received mail offers (poor) from prior play of a couple of hours per once/twice a year visits.
Jun, 2007
Ottawa resident has confirmed that there are 12 not 6 full pay $1 Pick ‘Em slant top machines.
Feb, 2005
As of Feb 12, 2005 the Slots at Rideau Carlton Raceway outside of Ottawa had a large bank (maybe 12 machines?) of full pay Bally's Pick'em Gamemakers. They also had NO signs indicating any upcoming 'upgrades'. Finally, although it is about 4 hours away, you can use your Woodbine player's card at Rideau and accumulate points.
Jul, 2004
Had only a very short time here and played rather than explored so can't give a detailed report. The casino area is Las Vegas style and very nice. Most vp appeared to be poor schedules but there is one bank of $1 FP Pick'em and at least 2 banks of .25 FP Pick'em, all in Game Master slant tops. Game King machines had .25 8/5 JOB where up to 100 coins could be played and RF was at 800 for 1 coin. There were .05 Game Master(King?) machines but I don't know games/schedules because all were in use -- most on keno. There is cashback but I don't know percentage. The raceway is beyond the Ottawa transit system but they have added a shuttle which leaves Greenboro Station (near South Keys shopping center) every hour starting at 8:30 a.m.. The last shuttle leaves the Raceway at 1:00 a.m. We were there Sunday afternoon and had no problem getting a machine. I'm looking forward to a longer visit next time we're in Ottawa.
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