Regency Casino
Laughlin, NV
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over 4 years ago
VP Updated
MIA: 25¢ : 98.91% DW44 @ upstairs bar
Feb, 2009
The Regency is open again.
Nov, 2008
The Regency is closed.
Sep, 2008
The Regency now has a slot club. Best game is still 15/9/4/4 Deuces.
Jul, 2006
Jul, 2006
A Harrahs to Regency shuttle runs 10am-6pm and one more loop at 10pm after the showroom act. Top and bottom of the hour it departs from the south end past Keno/Buffet. There is a bus shelter outside. Quarter hours it departs from the Regency.     Discontinued
Dec, 2004
Regency has 25c 15/9 Ill. / airport deuces 98.91% in bartops upstairs.
Oct, 2004
The Regency has hit the big time- a slot club. The club is called The Treasured Club. They are also running a promotion of giving away $250 every week, $1,000 every month, and $2,500 every quarter through a drawing. The first $1,000 drawing will be held on Oct. 31st. Tickets can be earned with a hand pay, and are deposited in a drum. I guess comps can be used for food and beverage, as they do not have a hotel. Now if they would only put in a few playable VP games.
Jun, 2004
The Regency is now open. This place between the Edgewater and Flamingo has been opened and closed many times. They only have 75 machines operating, and some people liked the prime rib in the coffee shop, and that has reopened. They have no table games, but have plans to add that later. Good Luck "new" Regency.
Jan, 2004
That little casino between the Edgewater and the Flamingo is going to reopen again this spring. This is the latest talk along the river. I have lost track of the number of times it has opened and closed, but they plan on making some improvements. There are plans for a 50's type eatery, a new layout upstairs, and a new bar along the river walk. Now if they would only put in some playable VP. The last time I was there it was a total joke.
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