Primm Valley
Primm, NV
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about 7 years ago
Casino Updated
Status Change: Nothing Good
about 7 years ago
VP Removed
MIA: 25ยข Prog : 99.11% DB
over 8 years ago
Host Added
Tralane Mercadel [email protected]
over 10 years ago
Casino Updated
Player's Club Update
about 11 years ago
VP Removed
MIA: (1) $1 : 99.54% JoB across from Rosie's Pizza on the edge of table games
May, 2011
According to news article, casino owner is now Affinity Gaming.
Nov, 2006
Herbst Gaming to buy Primm properties
May, 2005
I was at Primm on memorial day and found these. 25c FPDW(100.7%) at Buffalo Bill's. 2 green faceplate slant-tops machines back to back. Hard to describe the location but they are midway between a group of 25c progressive DB or DDB and the cigarette machines on the wall. 25c FPDW(100.7%) at Whiskey Pete's 1 bartop machine at the main bar. It's on the end of the bar closest to where they sell Hot Dogs. Also at Whiskey Pete's some 25c BP(99.1%) machines scattered throughout and 2 nickel BP(99.1%) uprights. $1 9/6 JOB at Primm Valley. Huge - location and game details are unknown. Players Club is still $25 per point. 50 points gets a buffet. 75 points gets a Su-Th room at any of the 3 properties. Most recent mailer has 2 nights free(Su-Th) + $10 Gas.
Feb, 2005
Primm Valley has $1 9/6 job, .25 9/7 db prog, .25 9/5 ddb prog.
Mar, 2004
The only 9/6 JoB at Primm Valley resort is across the floor from Rosie's Pizza right on the edge of table games. It is the largest upright I have ever seen, you have to sit back 2 feet just to have all the cards in your field of vision and it is $1.00.
Feb, 2004
Has anyone been to Primm lately. Database lists .25 fpdw and 10/7 db at Primm Valley but i couldn't locate them. Same for Whiskey Pete's .25/$1 fpdw
Feb, 2004
All $1 fpdw are history. No .25 fpdw at Primm valley. Several .25 fpdw at buffalo bills. Don't know if any .25 fpdw still exist at whiskey pete's.
Feb, 2004
*** MIA - *** (10) 25c FPDW machines scattered around casino. (10) 25c 10/7 DB machines scattered around casino.
Jul, 2002
$500 a day coin-in gets free room offers, often as many as two or three a month. $5000 coin in a day for two or three days received four or five free room offers a month and free concert - Brooks and Dunn, Four Tops, Neville Bros, Martina McBride, Alan Jackson to name a few. Current offering [often repeated during slow months] includes free buffet for two coupon [came with flyer/mailing] and $10 free gas coupon if you're driving in, and two free tickets to their movie theater.
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