President St. Louis Closed
St. Louis, MO
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over 11 years ago
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Casino Closed
Jun, 2010
Article about casino closing here
Mar, 2009
All video poker and slot machines have been moved to the main floor.
Three of the four floors of the casino are shut down.
The $.25 8/5 bonus poker progressives have been relocated near the one remaining bar.
The President no longer has a buffet.
Jul, 2008
*** MIA - *** (8) 25c 40/8 AA Game Makers in the elevator area on the main floor. (2) $1 40/8 AA Game Makers in the elevator area on the main floor.
Dec, 2006
The President has $2/$5 9/6 JOB and 8/5 BP, but I think the SF is only 239 on both-will check.
Jan, 2006
1st floor bar has $1 MG PROG with APDW, 10/6/40 DDB, 9/6 Bdlx and 9/6 JoB.
Oct, 2005
The GameMakers have been moved to the elevator area on the main floor. This may be a better place. The temperature should be better, and the seats won't be taken by people waiting to leave.
Oct, 2004
Columbia Sussex is winning bidder for the President
Oct, 2004
$1 in = 1 point.  Cashback = 0.2%.  Bounceback ranges from $5 per week to $60 per week.  (8) $0.25 All American between the entry/exit turnstiles.  Add host: Tony Massaud.
Oct, 2004
About $50K coin-in to get a $50 comp to Jake's Steakhouse.
Oct, 2004
At 8:00 p.m. the AA games on the President were shut down for "technical updates". I asked a worker what was happening and she said that the machines were being changed to ticket in-ticket out. I wasn't able to stay around to see if the games and pay tables were left unchanged.
Sep, 2004
The 5c AA are MIA, probably permanently
May, 2004
The 16/11 .25 DDeuces are gone from the President. The 0.05 AA have reappeared.
Dec, 2003
Yes, there are still (4) 25c AA as soon as you come through the turnstiles at the entrance. They are VERY busy throughout each day since these are the last 4 25c AA machines in STL.
Dec, 2003
The 25c PKM listed in the DataBase is short pay.
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