Prairie Band
Mayetta, KS
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about 1 year ago
VP Updated
New: $1 : 99.11% DB 98.45% JOB select bar top units at the bar to the right of The Longhouse Buffet
almost 5 years ago
VP Removed
MIA: $1 : 98.14% DB, 97.87% DDB in the alcove beside the poker room
Feb, 2009
*** MIA -
Aug, 2008
*** MIA - *** (7) $1 8/5 SDDB bartops @ at the main bar next to the cashier.
Jul, 2008
All All-American video poker is now completely gone. NOTHING PLAYABLE at the quarter level. The $ super double double bonus VP remains at the bar.
Jul, 2008
*** MIA - *** (4) 25c Game Maker 40/8 AA slant-tops next to the emergency near poker room.
Mar, 2008
There are 7 SDDB (99.69%) $ machines at the main bar next to the cashier. With .1% cash back and another .1% at Elite renewal + coupons, it gets close to 100% for $ players.
Jan, 2008
The (3) $1 AA Game Makers slant-tops in the alcove beside the poker room have been downgraded. The (7) 25c games remain intact.
Nov, 2007
Prairie Band eliminated two more $1 AA and only three remain and they're consistently busy.
Jul, 2007
Harrah's Prairie Band is now Prairie Band Casino & Resort. The slot club has switched from Total Rewards but is keeping $5/point for slots and $10/point for VP. 100 points = $1 for 0.1% CB. 4X CB on Sundays in July.
Oct, 2006
Spent the weekend at Prairie Band and thought I would report on some items. First, all staff we encountered were so friendly and helpful that my wife & I could not stop talking about it. This includes valet parking, bellmen, hotel clerks, waiters, bartenders, dealers, etc. I mean everyone was very nice. This casino is also gambler friendly, imo. They have more promotions, offer coupons on their website, more mailers, reasonable room rates, reasonable restaurant & bar pricing that even a low roller like myself feels like they are wanted. The KC area casinos are not near as inviting (btw, the last 2 offers I tried to redeem at Harrah's NKC never happened, one being a cash email offer and the other a multi-point day mailing). Before getting to the vp, imo the rooms are clean & comfortable and the restaurants are good (not great) with the buffet being my least favorite (I'm not much of a buffet person). As far as vp goes, I did not see any AA or Pickem in bartops. They have all been replaced with newer machines like at the new casino bar. It appears all the AA Gamemakers along the wall opposite the bars are still intact, although I never got a chance to play them as they were always full. When I walked by scanning the machines, I did not see anyone playing AA. There are also 2 slant-top machines, I believe they are Gamemakers, south of the Buffet that have .25 AA on them. One other item that was of some interest if it is true is a bartender advised us that as of January 1, 2008 Harrah's will no longer be running the Prairie Band. Some of you may already know this but it was news to me and as of hearing this, I have mixed feelings regarding whether that will be good or bad.
Oct, 2006
*** MIA - *** (5) 25c AA Game Maker bartops at the bar. (5) $1 AA Game Maker bartops at the bar. (3) $1 PKM Game Makers @ the "smokey" bar.
Sep, 2005
HPB still has 3 $ PKM games at the "smokey" bar.
Apr, 2005
The 25c and $1 AA are still alive and well.
Jan, 2005
Harrah's Prairie Band: there are 12 Gamemakers along a wall, 6 quarter and 6 dollar, of which 3 of the quarter and 5 of the dollar machines have AA. In addition, there are 5 quarter and at least 5 dollar Gamemakers with AA at the bartop. These machines tend not to be as busy. Hardly anyone was playing dollars while I was there; the quarter machines were getting lots of play, but I didn't see a single other person playing AA. FWIW, while I lost money, the machines "felt" honest. The hotel and the steak house were nice, and I found the staff to be friendly but not very knowledgeable. Their web page sometimes has coupon offers (e.g. $5 match play, $15 off steakhouse, 2 for 1 buffet, etc.).
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