Potawatomi Hotel & Casino
Milwaukee, WI
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Oct, 2015
Slant-tops downgraded to 8/5 JOB at $1 play. Three machines near buffet are 9/6 JOB at $1. Upstairs in non-smoking area all JOB are 8/5
Jan, 2009
Prior to 1/14, the old section had the best plays in the place. Near the main cashier, there are 10 uprights that had 10P 25c 10/6DDB and 9/7TDB (both with SF shorted to 200). On 1/14 they were all shut down; they are all up again and while the previous plays are gone, they do have some decent plays on them. These are the multi-game type machines with STP, SP, 3L, 5L, 10L. All games are shorted at the 25c and 50c level. At the $1 level, there is FP JB in 3L, 5L, 10L. STP has FP BP and 10/6DB. SP has NSUD. The new section has a video poker area with numerous SL games available with FP JB and NSUD. There are also 8 STP slant tops with FP JB, BP, and 10/6DB. Again, these pay tables are only available at the $1 level. All lesser denoms are very shorted. The HL Room has 10 $5 slant tops with SL FP JB, NSUD, and 10/6DDB. $4 CI = 1 pt. 1000 pts = $10 in comps (.25%) OR $5 CB (.125%). The CB policy is changing to FP in early February. Multi-point times are available and change month to month. In January, every Weds from 5-7am and 4-6pm is 10x pts; every Fri 5-7am and 4-6pm is 3x pts. Coupons are mailed monthly based on the previous 3 months play. Discretionary comps are available for food and rooms; they do not have a hotel, but use the Hyatt downtown (very average rooms). Parking is $20 a night, but free shuttles are available (it is only a couple of miles away). While liquor is not comped, you CAN use your points for liquor at any bar as well as at the restaurants. The best perk here is that you can use your points to pay for tips at the restaurants! If you are dining on a discretionary comp, a 15% tip will automatically be added to your bill, but, the tip is comped too! All of the restaurants have very good food at reasonable prices (haven't tried the buffet). Beverage service is deplorable... many times, non-existant. If you experience a W2G event, you'd better have your SS card with you. If you do not, 35% will be withheld for federal and WI tax, and you will not be allowed to collect the 65% balance unless you complete a W9. While the place has made some great improvements over the years, it is still very poorly managed. Just because they have the "right" to run a casino, does not mean they know HOW to run a casino.
Jan, 2009
Was at the casino 1-16, 1-17.  Casino is very nice.  Major expansion is completed and it is as nice and big as any in the midwest.Video Poker is odd, but some decent.  In the older area there are no machines worth playing-terrible pay tables everywhere.  The new area is a different story.  In the Video Poker section on the main, new floor, there are numerous $1 machines with 9/6 JoB and NSUD.  There are also some 9/7 DB, and 8/5 Bonus in the same areas, but not on the same machines.  In the High Limit area on the main, new floor, there are 8 MG/MD with $5 9/6 JoB and NSUD (no Bonus or DB though). The high limit lounge (the Solstice Room) is on the second floor, and is not open to the public, only VIPs.  I asked the hosts both time (as I am not a VIP) I was there, told them a little about my play, and they let me in.  This is one of the nicest VIP areas in the midwest.  There is a comp food buffet, with a great, almost gourmet selection at all times, and a private bar (drinks are not comped).  There are 6 or so tables (BJ and Baccarat), slots, and 4, $1 100 coin-in max VP machines (terrible pay tables though)   I enjoyed myself, was treated well, and happy to find some 9/6 JoB in the midwest.  If anyone else has any other info, or has been there and seen different things I would be interested in knowing.  No info about the casino on the vpFree database list, but it is an above-average place if you are a $1 or higher player.
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