Peppermill Wendover
West Wendover, NV
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May, 2018
Just visited the Peppermill properties at Wendover. $1 9/6 Jacks is still the best game. The card is currently worth 0.2% for video poker, 0.5% for slots.
May, 2013
In addition to recently added $0.25 9/6 Job there are several double bonus poker by bar near hotel room entrance.
Apr, 2013
I just returned from several days at the PEPPERMILL hotel and casino in Wendover, NV. We were playing deuces wild the entire time we were three. While there are LOTS of VP machines in the casino, almost all of the machines have 97.06% pay tables. During the time we were there (checking pay tables on a vast number of machines) we only found ONE machine with a 98.91% pay table. That was the best we ever found. It is in a bank of 6 machines (3 back to back) and is located in a far right hand corner of the casino past the table games. Only this one machine in the bank had a 98.91% pay table while the other 5 were 97.06%. All of the VP machines facing the cabaret area were 97.06%. The vast majority of the machines played 5 cents, quarters, or dollars. Although we searched, we never found even ONE 99.73% VP machine. There are progressive VP machines just inside the casino to the left of the players card desk and we never saw a single person playing them as the pay tables were so poor. VP machines on the wall under the big RESTROOM sign to the left of the casino entrance also have the 97.06% pay tables. Wild royals only pay 100 credits on the 97.06% machines so you can check them quickly ifyou play deucs wild. We were very disappoionted in the machines at the PEPPERMILL based on the information we had obtained on the VPfree website. The PEPPERMILL casino is not the place where you would want to play video poker!
Jun, 2011
During my recent visit, it appears that the Peppermill has the best overall paytables over the other two Peppermill properties- Montego Bay and the Rainbow. There are many more short pay machines at the Montego Bay and Rainbow.

. There are now many 9/6 JoB, 8/5 BP, and NSUD machines. At $0.25 they are scattered about, and at $1 they are everywhere.
Apr, 2006
*** MIA - *** $1 10/7 DB scattered around casino. (11) $1 20/10/6JW2 - location and game details are unknown. 25c 9/6 JoB bartops PROG (RF) @ some of the bars.
Apr, 2006
Peppermill properties first. The best games are NSUD and 9/6 Jacks, They are everywhere, 5/25/50/1/5. All three properties are copies of Peppermill/Reno. Neon Glitz. The rooms are just a cut below Peppermill Reno, but large with queen or king beds, coffee maker, 20 channels on the TV, in room movies. I always catch up with the movies here. Have watched Cinderella Man, Good Night and Good Luck, and Walk the Line so far. Have to see Glory Road and Syriana sometime this week. You'll wake up every morning to find the Salt Lake Tribune slipped under your door. Wendover is 135 miles from Salt Lake City. The clientele is mostly Salt Lakers who take day trips on Donna's Tours or Lebus. Cost is $14 with $7 cashback and free buffet. You can change your day of return for $10. The highway traffic also adds to their clientele. Wendover sits right on I-80. Then there is Millionaire Express (1-866-359-9363). They bring people in from 17 different states in the West, Northwest, Southwest and Midwest. The packages are for roundtrip air travel and 3 night hotel stay and run from $99 to $199 depending on the distance and include all taxes and fees. The card is worth .5% comp which can be used for rooms, meals and future flights on Millionaire Express - user friendly self comp. Just go eat and hand them your card. Each property has a buffet (slightly above average and priced $9 to $15 depending on whetrher it's breakfast, lunch or dinner). Each property has a restaurant (probably on par with Denny's but you can get a good meal for $10 to $12. Then there is the Steakhouse at the Rainbow (well worth the effort). Plus .25% Passport Points which can be used in the gift shop for cigarettes, top shelf booze and clothing (not a very big selection, but Tommy Bahama). One card for all three properties. It doesn't matter which casino you play, you can spend the comp in the others. Their mailers are pretty good too. I came through because they sent me 2 nights Jacuzzi suite and $100 bounceback. But I'm gonna stay for awhile because they still play donkey poker here.
Aug, 2005
All of the following are on the same MG/MD uprights scattered around casino. DW - 25c and up @ NSUD - 5c/10c is at LV Airport odds. JOB (FP) - 25c and up. Ace and Faces - 25c and up @ 98.98%. JokerPoker King or better - 25c and up @ 98.44%.
Jun, 2004
The (11) $1 KBJW have been downgraded to 2PJW. There is still a lot of $1 10/7 DB around the casino.
Oct, 2003
As far as wendover there are very few full pay machines. most pay out around 96% The new state line Nugget has put in a huge inventory of game king VP there are dozens but we have not found full pay yet, and the 3 play and 5 play seem to pay around 94%. There are so many new machines that it will take quite a while for us to look at them all. At Montego bay we have found 2 full pay machines by the elevators and one upstairs by the skyway to the state line nugget. We havent found any full pay at the peppermill or the Rainbow, but since they have started putting in the tito machines there are a lot of new ones there too. The Peppermill, Rainbow and the New Montego bay have a new slot club program. All three now share the same card and its called the passport. The details are non existant but from playing and evaluating points earned it seems that 1$ in = one point and 100 points = 1$ CB. There no longer seems to be discresionary comps and its a bit harder now to get a free room. The Rainbow and Peppermill are still sending quarterly coupons, however I dont know how that will change with the Montego Bay added to the group. The grand opening for the Montego Bay is Oct 31-Nov. 3. The Montego has also added a pool and a day spa/fitness center. I was talking with one of the shuttle drivers saturday night and it seems there are some great new things comming to Wendover. There is a master plan for a new resort and light rail will be going in sometime in 2004. The changes for Wendover in general are fantastic and it is becoming more of a resort town instead of just a little border town. The State line Nugget, also has a new slot club program but I havent had time to evaluate it since we dont play there as often. The Nugget has added so many Game King multi play, multi denomination VP machines that there are more of those than slots.
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