Midnight Rose
Cripple Creek, CO
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Feb, 2009
The hours of operation for all Colorado
casino's slot clubs is 8AM to 2 AM.
Sep, 2003
I just got back from a trip to colorado springs and while I was there I went to cripple creek,col. every night for three nights.I have this to report: Bronco Billy's has four .25 cent triple play machines that are multi-machines. They feature Nsud, 9/6 JB, and 9/6 DDB. They face the front door that is the second entrance from the left and are uprights. Behind these are 8 9/6/5 DB Progressives .25 cent flat top single play machines.They have RF SF & A's on progressive. Behind these are 6 more of the exact same kind of progressive machines but not linked to the other 8. So the jackpots between the different banks are completly different. The jackpots fluctuated wildly while I was there, but at least one bank was usually well into the positive. (I hit the aces for $251. on my last night as well as four 3's later that night). Bronco Billy's also has three .05 cent triple play multi-machines that are flat tops and feature the same NSUD,9/6 JB & 9/6 DDB as the .25 TP machines. (The far right machine also has 8/5 BP and is the only one of all their TP machines that has 8/5 BP) The nickel TP machines are located in the next room over from the .25 machines to the left as you face the front door. They are against the right wall towards the front (again as you face the front). Midnight Rose & JP McGill's also have the same .25 TP multi-machines with NSUD, 9/6 JB & 9/6 DDB. JP McGill's has 4 of them and Midnight Rose has 8 of them. The ones at Midnight Rose are on your left about 20 feet in as you enter the front right entrance. The ones at JP McGill's are about 20 feet back from the front left entrance against the right wall. These two casinos are actually owned by the same people and are right next door to each other. The players card is the same for both places. They are right across the street from Bronco Billy's. Midnight Rose also has a bank of 6 9/6 JB $1. machines that are single play uprights. They have the RF (only) on progressive and it was well over 4,000 the whole time I was there. The slot clubs at all three places pay back $5. for each 500 points and are .5 return. In addition, Bronco Billy's gives you a wooden nickel for each quad and you get $5 for four wooden nickels. When I got home a few days later I got a letter from Bronco Billy's that had coupons for $10 cash and a free steak dinner for two good for 90 days and a special parking permit for their private parking lot good for a year's free parking. I also found out that the only four places in town that have blackjack are Bronco Bllly's, Double Eagle, Womack's, & Gold Rush. Bronco Billy's also has three card poker. At Bronco Billy's you get 100 points for joining the club the first time and 20 points for each time you get a blackjack at the blackjack tables. Well , that's all the info I have about Cripple Creek.
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