Keshena, WI
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Aug, 2005
Menominee Casino just installed a Double Bonus Progressive game on the bartop poker machines. It starts at $1000.00 and increases from there - Didn't get the paytable. Note: You have to be playing the Double Bonus game for the progressive. The other games are not progressive. Those machines will be going coinless and tickets by the end Aug.
Apr, 2005
The "fast action and multistrike" machines are gone. They were replaced (converted) to Game-King with several games. Watch the pay tables, a couple of machines are better than the rest of the same bank. Multipokers are still there, but probably not much longer. Everything is going Tickets and those machines are too old for that technology. Play them while you can, still 9/6 JoB on these machines. Bar machines looked tight, I think only 7/5 on JoB if I remember correctly, 8/6 at best. By the way, that picture on your website is the hotel entrance, not the casino.
Jul, 2003
Menominee (Keshena WI): Best 25c is a Multi-Poker with 9-7 DB, IL Deuces, 7-5 Bonus Poker, 8-5 Bonus Poker Deluxe and 8-5 jacks. Only other 97%+ games are 5c Triple and Ten Play "Fast Action" with 7-5 Bonus Poker Deluxe as the base game. They also had 25c Multi-Strike with 6-5 Bonus Poker as the best game. I have no idea how their Cashback works.
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