Main Street Station Casino, Brewery and Hotel
Las Vegas, NV
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Oct, 2019
From a MSS player: "Two of the machines at the Boar's Bar have been replaced with a newer design bartop machine. Unfortunately the Jacks or Better paytable has been reduced from full pay 9/6 to short pay 9/5 on those two machines only, for denominations from $.25 to $5. The bar tenders believe all of the existing machines will be replaced eventually with the new style machines. If that's the case, the long run of 9/6 JOB at the bar will probably be over. That will be a sad day."
Aug, 2019
The three older All Star slant-tops in the northeast corner of the casino have been moved to near the Main St. entrance. All seven of these machines are now in that area in three different banks.
Apr, 2018
The three All Star Poker machines near the bottom of the escalator have been moved to the far northeast corner of the casino. Also the DDB game has been removed from the Super Times Pay on the All Star Poker machines.
Jan, 2016
In addition to the non-TITO machines, the twelve slant-tops with 10/7 DB also have stickers saying they are not valid for promotions.
Jan, 2016
The 50c and $1 8/5 BP progressives in front of the bar now have stickers saying they are not eligible for promotions.
Oct, 2015
The non-TITO machines at the Cal, MSS and Fremont now have new flat screen monitors and also new stickers saying "not valid for promotions". An MSS slot attendant says they still earn scratch cards but not point multipliers.
Jul, 2015
The five leftmost machines at the Boar's Head Bar at Main St. Station have been upgraded to new machines. They still have 25c/50c/$1 9/6 JoB and 9/7 DB like the old machines. I did not find any other paytables even close to 99% and most are under 98%.

Besides single-line games, three of the five new machines also have the following:

25c 3/5/10 play and Super Times Pay
5c/10c/25c Spin Poker
5c/25c Ultimate X
Jan, 2015
Report from a vp player: Be careful in tracking your points at Main Street. Two machines at Boar's Head bar failed to track points and had to be taken out of service. Also, I failed to receive 5X points at all times when I played during this promotion. I have repeatedly contacted Main Street about these issues and my lost points but have been mostly ignored. These issues occurred over the Thanksgiving holiday but still have not been remedied. I probably have sufficient cause for a gaming board complaint, but will probably just stop playing there.
Nov, 2011
The bank of uprights with 25c/50c/$1 10/7 DB has been downgraded to 9/7. No other major changes.
Jun, 2007
*** MIA - *** (3) 25c 10/7 DB uprights in front of Brew Pub. (5) $1 9/6 DDB MG PROG (RF) slant-tops near bar. (1) $1 9/6 DDB (3/5 Play) MG upright between Brew Pub and cashier.
Feb, 2007
*** MIA - *** (3) 25c MG/MD Spin Poker uprights near buffet entrance.
Dec, 2006
*** MIA - *** (3) 25c MG/MD FPDW uprights on the west wall near valet parking. (3) 25c MG/MD FPDW slant-tops near valet parking. (3) 25c MG/MD 10/7 DB slant-tops near valet parking. (3) 25c/50c/$1 MG/MD JoB slant-tops near south valet entrance. NOTE: All full pay games have been removed from the slant-tops by the Wheel of Fortune slots, but many are still available on a bank of machines near the south valet entrance and toward the center of the casino.
Dec, 2006
Pick up a brochure at the front desk for a self-guided tour of the property's extensive antiques collection displayed throughout the public areas of the hotel and casino. Also, take a look at an authentic piece of the Berlin Wall located in the men's restroom near the buffet. Ladies without a male escort (to clear the area) may ask a host or security for assistance. Regular visitors/players can expect monthly marketing offers for comped rooms and food, as well as invitations to tournaments and other special events. Hosts are friendly and generous with comps. WARNING: Communicate with hosts in person or by phone; they are infamously slow at responding to email.
Sep, 2004
The (3) quarter based 25c FPDW nearest the bar are MIA. Downgraded to NSUD.
Feb, 2004
MSS's even numbered rooms are on the north or highway side and odd numbered rooms are on the south or Plaza side. Another consideration is distance from the railroad tracks and the earth- shaking rumble of the Union Pacific freight trains. On each floor, lower numbered rooms are on the east end away from the tracks and higher numbered rooms are on the west end or closer to the train noise. Elevation is also a factor so the best choices for noise reduction are rooms on the highest floors that end in 01, 03 or 05. To make it simple, just remember Southeast is the best choice when deciding where in the US to live or where at MSS to sleep. Being high also helps.
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