Longhorn Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV
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about 2 years ago
VP Updated
New Location: 25¢ : 98.91% DW44 scattered throughout
Nov, 2009
MIA: $0.25 8/5 BP
May, 2008
Full pay deuces still exist near the cage.
May, 2006
*** MIA - *** 5c AA machines.
Jan, 2005
I stopped by the Longhorn to check for NSUD yesterday. I only found (4) 25c NSUD near the cashier. The three quarter FPDW remain. I thought I remembered old posts saying they were located in the machines next to the quarter FPDW but they are not there now. With the exception of the bartops, I think I checked at least one machine in every bank of machines. There are a lot of 25c  8/5 Bonus Poker scattered around the casino.
Nov, 2004
Full pay deuces still exist near the cage.
Sep, 2004
$1 NSUD are reported at the Longhorn.
Jan, 2004
The Longhorn now only has THREE FPDW. The four that were removed have been replaced with multi-denomination, multi-games (quarter, 50cent, dollar). The best available game is NSUD. This is bad news for the quarter DW player, but potential slim edge good news for those playing higher denominations as the usual .2 cb rate is frequently multiplied for different promotions.
Jan, 2004
The 50c/$1 NSUD are now MIA.
May, 2003
The Longhorn's current promotion, Quick Start, gets you a free breakfast with your first 200 points, a free lunch after your first 300 points, and a free dinner after your first 400 points; even better, the points aren't deducted for the meals.
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