Kewadin Christmas
Christmas, MI
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over 7 years ago
Casino Updated
Status Change: Nothing Good
over 7 years ago
VP Removed
MIA: (4) 25¢ : 99.54% JoB machines in the middle of the casino
May, 2014
$0.25 full pay JoB machines have been removed from all Kewadin casinos. Christmas now has 6 multigame, multi-denom machines with the $1.00 denomination having a 9-6 JoB with short pay RF of only $2500 (98.88%). Other denominations are worse paybacks. No other VP games should be played unless you like to give the house a large edge.
Jun, 2008
All 5 Kewadin Casinos have changed their cashback. It has always been $3 per point, but is now $4 (coin in) per point. The bounce backs are still at the same levels and it is still 1000 pts = $10.  Also, Sault Ste. Marie has added full pay pickem machines. They have (2) $1 machines in the Huron room and  (4) quarter machines in the Huron room and (4) more in the "Fish Bowl".
May, 2007
The slot club is $3 earns one point, 1000 points = $10, (0.33%). Need at least $10 to cash out and then it's in $5 increments. They also have a next day bounce back program. Earn 450 points, get $5 tomorrow, earn 851 points and get $10 and earn 1250 and get $15 back. All Kewadin casinos are linked together under the Northern Rewards slot club. All Kewadin Casino have just lowered their drink prices. While gaming, well drinks and draft beer are $.50 each. Domestic canned beer $1.
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