Island Resort
Harris, MI
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10 months ago
VP Updated
New: (3) $1 : 98.91% DW44, 98.98% DDB, 98.45% JoB in the middle of the Video Poker pit, by the back wall, past the row of progressive slant-tops.
10 months ago
Casino Updated
Player's Club Update
Jan, 2020
Plenty of $0.25 and $0.50 VP at < 98%
Apr, 2006
Lucky Lucy and I were there last August (2005) and found NO full pay machines at all. We scoured the casino from one end to the other several times and all full pay machines were missing.
Aug, 2005
*** MIA - *** 25c (3/5 Play) 8/5/60 SA. 25c (3/5/100 Play) NSUD. (4) 25c (3/5 Play) 9/6 JoB. (2) 25c (10 Play) 9/6 JoB. (2) 25c/50c/$1 (100 Play) 9/6 JoB. (2) 50c/$1 (50 Play) 9/6 JoB.
Mar, 2005
I was there about 2 years ago. Rooms are OK. They only had one restaurant open at the time. I seem to remember that you comped yourself with your card at the restaurant. When I checked out I had enough points to partially comp my room. The game seemed to be fair. IGT machines. I don't recall any nearby attractions. Nearest major airport is Green Bay. Also, an airport in Escanaba, a few miles away. I think Northwest and Midwest fly into there. Overall, it's a pleasant casino and hotel.
Mar, 2005
The Chip In's Island Resort and Casino is about a two hour drive from Green Bay (where I live) and about all that's around it are trees. The rooms are nothing special but the casino is quite nice compared to most of the casinos in the Wisconsin/ Upper Michigan area. The last time I was there, they had two one cent 50 play machines with 9/6 JOB. It's an IGT machine so I'm sure the game is random. I haven't been there in some months, but the last time I was there the slot club was pretty good. What I particularly liked was that you accumulated points for all purchases on the property. They have one full service restaurant that offers some good specials ($11.99 all you can eat crab legs one time I was there) and a snack bar (formerly a buffet) that had a few sandwiches and a small salad bar. They have a fair choice of table games with very friendly dealers. On the whole, their staff is personable and make you feel welcome.
Sep, 2004
Indian casino in Harris, MI.  3/5/100 play 9/6 JOB and NSUD.  3/5 play SA. All in quarters. Slot club is 0.5% in same day free play.
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