Inn of the Mountain Gods
Mescalero, NM
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about 9 years ago
Casino Updated
Player's Club Update
over 9 years ago
VP Updated
New: (6) $1 : 99.54% JoB, 98.79% DW44 by the table
over 9 years ago
VP Updated
New: (10) $1 : 99.54% JoB, 98.79% DW44 towards the sports bar end of the casino
over 9 years ago
VP Updated
New: $1 : 99.54% JoB close to wheel of fortune towards front of casino
about 10 years ago
VP Updated
New: 25c Prog : 94.19% DB in middle of casino floor
about 10 years ago
Casino Updated
Status Change: Nothing Good
about 10 years ago
VP Removed
MIA: (16) $1 : 99.54% JoB, 99.17% BP, 99.11% DB, 98.98% DDB near the front of the casino
Aug, 2010
I went to inn of the mountain gods last weekend. I did not find any 9-6 JOB. $1 9-5 was available.
Here are my notes as I scouted the casino. I only note the areas I checked. There were a few machines scattered I did not check.
Ruidoso scouting: (6) $0.25 slant tops near entrance with: 8-5 BP (2 pair pays only 5 coins. So not true full pay Bonus Poker.), 8-5 DB, 6-5 JOB, 6-5 DDB, DW 4000 1000 125. 75. 50 20 15 10 10 5
$0.50: 6-5 job, 8-5 BP, 8-5 DB, 6-5 Ddb, Same DW schedule as quarters
$1 by poker room Game king slants, MG, MD: 7-5 BP, 9-5 JOB, 9-6-4 DB, 9-5 Ddb, Real bad dollar deuces. Short dirty royal and five of a kind (100-60)
$0.25 bank by the poker room: 7-5 job, 6-5 bp, 9-6 db, 8-5 ddb, Dw 25-16-14-4-3-2-2-1, Joker (I don't know Joker paytables)
There was a Double Bonus progressive, short pay in middle of casino floor. It was 8-5 paytables. Royal was at $1300 plus.
Looks like pretty much a video poker wasteland now with only short pay options.
I ran the deuces schedule for quarters and it was 94.8%. I can't play that. 9-6-4 DB was 96.3%
Feb, 2010
I was recently at Inn of the Mountain Gods Casino in New Mexico. The best games they have are in $1 denominations. They NSUD, 9/6 JOB, 8/5 BP, 9/7 DB and 9/6 DDB in $1 denominations in a bank of 16 machines near the front of the casino. These machines are shorted in the quarter denominations such as 9/5 JOB, 9/6 DB, 7/5 BP and 9/5 DDB. They are a very old bank of machines with many of the buttons very sticky and many of the screens have burned images on them. I would imagine they could be replaced soon. There are other VP machines in the casino but nothing much playable other than this bank. For instance they have $1 8/6 JOB.
Apr, 2008
*** MIA - *** (6) $1 MG 99.9% PKM Game Makers.
Oct, 2006
Just returned from a trip to the Inn of the Mountain Gods in Ruidoso New Mexico. Wanted to let everyone know that they removed all pick-em poker machines with the exception of the 6 $1.00 ones. It is impossible to get a seat on one of these six.
Oct, 2006
*** MIA - *** 5c/25c/50c MG PKM Game Makers scattered around casino.
May, 2006
This place had tons of Bally's Gamemaker machines with full pay Pick 'Em. I had never played these machines or Pick 'Em before... seemed easy enough game to learn. All single line: $0.05 / $0.25 / $0.50 / $1.00 level scattered throughout the casino. All are full pay on Pick 'Em, I never encountered a reduced payout table on that game. They also have same day cash back that I think is .5% but didn't pay that much attention. They have a new member signup bonus with a free buffet and $20 cash back if you play a certain number of points in first 3 days. Was pretty easy (I think I had done like 2 hours on the $1 machines). We were told that they don't comp rooms up front that you should book room and charge food to room... and at 7am each morning a host reviews play and comps rooms that earned it. Not sure exactly what level of play is required, but my guess is that $5,000/day coin-in will get you a room. Again, that is a guess. With the very high payout on RF, SF, and 4oAK that game sure eats money ;) I lost $1,300 on about 8 hours of $1 play and did get 2 free buffet upon asking a host for descretionary comp. I did not stay at the hotel, so not sure if I would have been comped a room or not. MISC: Place still seems new (now a little more than 1 year old), smoke isn't bad on weekdays, casino is not 24 hours on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, only free NA drinks, buffet has very good Mexican food.
Mar, 2005
The Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino in Ruidoso, NM opened yesterday, and they have the PP with TITO! For the members of this group in New Mexico and parts of Texas - the new Casino Apache in Ruidoso NM is outstanding. Seems to be good game variety, an enlarged poker room, and great surroundings. The buffet is top of the line. I live in El Paso, and am willing to make the 5 hour round trip at least once a week to play there. The grand re-opening yesterday drew tons of people, but things ran smoothly, and there were plenty of machines for use. The rooms are excellent. Probably a little smaller than rooms in most of LV, but the size is made up by the furniture and decorations. Most of the rooms face the lake, and have a private balcony. The decoration is more southwest and native American - like, duh! - it is an Indian Casino! But the quality is very high.
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