Pinetop, AZ
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Oct, 2004
There are no full pay machines anywhere here. The best payout of all was at a bank of 8 machines in a room across from the bar entitled "More Slots." They are MG/MD uprights (.25/.50/1.00). The best paytable on these machines was JOB 1-2-3-4-5-9-25-50-800, which I believe gives you a 98.45% payback. BP was 98.02%, DB was 97.81%, DDB was 97.88% and DW was 97.06%. Here is the rest of the inventory: 16 bar top DB./.25 / 97.81% 8 BP/.25/upright / 96.87% + progressive, located in the middle of the casino. 10 DDB/upright/.25 / 96.79% located close to NW entrance. 10 BP/ .25/slant-tops/ 96.87% + progressive, located at the NW entrance 6 JOB/ 1.00/ upright/ 97.30% + progressive, located near NW entrance. 4 Multi-Strike poker MG/MD/uprights at the NE entrance. I have never seen the calculations on paytables for these types of machines, so I am unsure about that. I was unable to learn too much about their Players Club. The staff there was not at all friendly when it came to answering questions. This is what I did learn: 10,000 points = $25.00 cash back. ?$ played = 1 point. They refused to say and I never watched close enough to try to figure it out. I did play all day Saturday and amassed a whopping 2,500 points!! Their Players Club is open from 7am till 10:50pm each day.
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