Hollywood Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge, LA
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almost 6 years ago
Casino Updated
Player's Club Update
Feb, 2009
*** MIA -
Dec, 2007
Hollywood, Baton Rouge: $10 = 1 pt (VP), $5 = 1 pt (slots) - 100 pts = $1 comps only (0.1%, VP; 0.2%, slots) - best games = 16/10 Deuces & 9/6 Jacks (3 machines), 1.00 level only. Hollywood offers 16/10 NSU Deuces and 9/6 Jacks on a few of its Game Kings, only at the dollar level. There are at least 3 machines, possibly as many as 6. The slot club offers comps only, no cash.
Dec, 2007
*** MIA - *** (2) 25c (3 Play)NSUD.
Dec, 2004
I was in the neighborhood and made another pass through Casino Rouge in Baton Rouge. As mentioned previously, they do still have at least two quarter triple plays with 99.7% NSUDeuces, mixed among some shorter-pay triple and five play machines. A much more recent addition is a set of three multidenom Game Kings containing both NSUD and full-pay JOB at the dollar level. The Rouge sometimes offers special promos to members of its mailing list, but I haven't been sufficiently motivated to stay qualified. The November mailed newsletter (available at the slot club, minus the coupons) contained coupons good for double points on two specific days. I suspect that this only includes comp points (called "Rouge Royalties"), and not bounceback or mailed cashback.
Nov, 2004
I'm just back from quick visits to both Baton Rouge boats. It's been reported that Penn Gaming (owner of Casino Rouge) will acquire Argosy Gaming, resulting in one company owning both Baton Rouge casinos. Casino Rouge has rearranged the furniture again and installed new carpet on the third deck, where nearly all the VP is located. There were some machines out of service, and many others occupied by players. The Rouge has long had four quarter triple play machines with 99.7% NSUD. I found two, but didn't see any others. That's the only full-pay I was able to locate. At last check, the Rouge slot club offered 0.2% comps for VP, plus unspecified bounceback and cashback-via-the-mail.
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