Hiawatha Horse Park Closed
Sarnia, ON
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almost 9 years ago
Casino Updated
Casino Closed
May, 2012
News about casino closing here
Oct, 2007
*** MIA - *** $1 PKM Game Makers.
May, 2005
Just got back from Hiawatha. Found out that all the 25 cent Pick'Em games on GameMakers have been changed to the "Rip - Off Pick'Em.
May, 2005
*** MIA - *** 25c PKM Game Makers.
May, 2004
There are a total of 16 slots-at-racetrack facilities in Ontario. The one I am familiar with (Rideau Carleton Raceway in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) has approximately 20 0.25 full-pay PKM and about 10 $1 full pay PKM. The same slot card is good at all 16 locations, plus 6 other so-called "Charity Casinos" in the province. Cashback: $1 through = 1 pt; 1000 pts = $4.25; CB = .425% I haven't figured out the comp rate - they use a formula based on today's play, recent play and historical play, but a rough guess would be that it is in the same ballpark as the cash-back rate. Mail offers for free buffets, free slot tournaments, etc. are also offered. There are generic ones as part of province wide promotions and casino specific ones, too. I have also played at Thousand Islands Charity Casino in Gananoque, Ont. (across the St. Lawrence River from Alexandria Bay, NY by way of the Ivy Lea Bridge) It has (last visit was
Oct, 2003
) about 5 0.25 full-pay PKM and about 8 $1.00 full-pay PKM. More info about Ontario gaming facilities can be found at http://www.olgc.ca/ .
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