Harrah's Metropolis
Metropolis, IL
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almost 5 years ago
Casino Updated
Player's Club Update
over 9 years ago
VP Updated
New number - 25ยข Prog NS : 95.71% DDB unknown location (5-way Prog)
almost 10 years ago
Casino Updated
Player's Club Update
almost 11 years ago
Casino Updated
Player's Club Update
Apr, 2010
MIA: $1 5 Play with 99.94% SA and 99.73% DW44 (NSUD)
With the loss of that machine, it looks like there's nothing playable here anymore, with the exception of a 5-way DDB Prog.
Feb, 2009
Slot club operates on a "Don't ask, don't tell" basis. The amount of coin-in required to earn
bonus reward credits varies, depending on machine played and whether you win or lose.
Harrah's FAQ
Jul, 2008
*** MIA - *** (2) 50c/$1/$2 MG/MD 9/6 JoB.
Feb, 2008
There are two (and only two) 50c/$1/$2 MG/MD 9/6 JoB. In addition to the normal Tier Credits, Bonus Reward Credits were also awarded for VP play.
Dec, 2007
Metropolis had $1 (5 Play) Super Aces and NSUD in 2005.
Dec, 2007
We passed thru there about a year or so ago and did not see anything at the 99.5% level or better. I did not do a totally thorough check of every game.
Apr, 2005
to 4000) Base Reward Credits in the year to get Platinum status and 10,000 to get Diamond status. Comps don't expire for 6 months, and are banked indefinitely as long as one point is earned every 6 months. Also, comp points can be used at any Harrah's property. Most Marketing offers aren't deducted from your Reward Credit balance. Hosts can over-ride the new Rewards Program to take care of "good" players. Hosts can't give discretionary comps until all reward credits are used up.
Jun, 2003
1 Base Reward Credit is earned for every $5 coin-in on reel slot machines ($10 video poker), and Bonus Reward Credits are awarded based on the type of machine played. On average you get 2 Bonus Credits and 1 Base Credit for every $10 of VP coin-in (probably fewer Bonus Credits for positive VP machines). It takes 3,000 (increased
May, 2003
Diamond Lounges now require Photo ID to get in and usually you can only take 1 guest. Be sure to have your Diamond/Platinum cards to avoid lines for buffets (find one on the floor if you don't have a card so you can avoid long lines).
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