Grand Station Hotel & Casino Closed
Vicksburg, MS
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almost 9 years ago
Casino Updated
Casino Closed
Apr, 2012
Grand Station Casino in Vicksburg, Miss. has closed. The hotel remains open. News article about the closing here
Dec, 2011
The Horizon Vicksburg has been sold by Tropicana Entertainment to Delta Investments & Development LLC. The new name of the casino is the Grand Station Hotel & Casino.
Apr, 2005
Horizon offers double free play instead of cash back, and you can use the free play on some quarter J/B machines that return 99.7%. The casino is rather seedy, but has the best VP in Vicksburg. The paytable for the 99.7 25-cents JB at Horizon Vicksburg is as follows: RF - 4000 (progressive, usually hits at 4800-5400 coins, usually about 2-3 times a day) SF - 260 coins (progressive, often gets above $80.00) 4 of a kind - 200 coins (progressive, but rarely gets higher than $51.50) Full House - 35 coins Flush - 25 coins Straight - 20-coins 3 of a kind - 15 coins 2 pair - 10-coins Jacks or better - 5 coins. There are only ten machines, all coinless. The $1 progressive Jacks or Better is a typical 9/6 pay schedule; only the royal is progressive. However, those machines still use the dollar tokens and will not accumulate more than 400 credits.
Dec, 2004
The (8) $1 PROG 9/6 JOB have been moved to the first floor.
Apr, 2004
Harrah's in Vicksburg was sold and is now Horizon Casino Hotel, 1310 Mulberry Street, Vicksburg, Mississippi 39180 - (601) 636-DICE. At present, their game inventory remains unchanged. $15 coin-in to earn a point for video poker and $10 for slots. Website:
Nov, 2003
Sep, 2003
Harrah's Vicksburg Hotel and Casino will become Horizon Casino if the state Gaming Commission gives its blessing to the announced plans to sell its Vicksburg holdings to Kentucky-based Columbia Sussex Corporation. The deal could be completed by
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