Four Winds Casino Resort New Buffalo
New Buffalo, MI
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Apr, 2012
Most bartop $1/$2 machines at the sports bar have 9/7 DB as well
Aug, 2011
Four Winds is opening a new satellite casino in Hartford, MI on August 30,2011. 500 slots.
Oct, 2010
Reportedly there is still some 9/6 JoB, location and denom. unknown at this casino.
Jan, 2009
There are (2) $1 9/6 JoB at one of the bars (corner machines), and (2) more are in a bank of six (three back to back slant tops) near the players club.
Jan, 2009
*** MIA - *** (7) $1/$2 NSUD, 9/5/80 WHA, 9/7 DB & 9/6 DDB scattered around casino.
Nov, 2008
*** MIA - *** (7) $1/$2 MG/MD 9/6 JoB scattered around casino.
Nov, 2008
Hadn't been to the Fours Winds for 3-4 weeks (due to Las Vegas trip Oct 22-27) but went there on Wednesday 11-5-2008 and, to my shock, I found that all the $1 9/6 JOB is now gone. There were approx 8 (or so) $1 9/6 JOB scattered around but they are now all 9/5. Best JOB I could find were: 8/5 JOB at the quarter level and 9/5 JOB at the $1 level (and up).
Sep, 2007
If you look hard enough you will find 6-8 Game Kings with FP games on them, 9-6 Jacks, 9-6 DDB, 9-7 DB, 9-6 WHA, NSUD, at the $1 and $2 denoms (I didn't check smaller). The cb is .14 and the theos on these games are in the 1.5% range, so expect your bounceback offer to be .15% of your handle. The Game Kings are scattered randomly throughout the casino.
Sep, 2007
I found 9/6 DDB in quarters in the bank of uprights near the front to the right as you enter the main entrance
Sep, 2007
$1-5, best games 9-7 DB, 9-5 and 8-6 JoB, and 8-5-30 BP and some NSUD in $1-5.
Aug, 2007
*** MIA - *** $1 MG/MD 8/5 BP scattered around casino.
Aug, 2007
I was on a short vacation and stopped at the Four Winds. I do not believe that $1 8-5 Bonus exists at this property. It is actually 8-5-30 Psuedo Bonus (A sub 98.5% imitation of the 50c MS1 version.) At least one 25c game (400090 at the middle bar) also has 9-7 DB and 9-6 DDB.
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