Four Jacks Hotel And Casino
Jackpot, NV
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about 4 years ago
Casino Updated
Status Change: Good Games
about 4 years ago
VP Updated
New: (4) 25¢ : 99.73% NSUD at the bar
about 4 years ago
VP Removed
MIA: (1) 25¢ : 100.76% DW next to the wall by the restaurant (often out of service)
almost 5 years ago
Casino Updated
Status Change: Nothing Good
Apr, 2008
The 25c FPDW is out of service periodically. Probably a spare parts problem.
Mar, 2008
According to the data base, the Four Jacks was supposed to have FPDW at the 5 cent and quarter level. The last time I was in this divy little casino the quarter FPDW machine was unplugged and there were no 5-cent - location and game details are unknown. Two weeks ago, much to my surprise, the quarter FPDW machine was all polished up and operational. This upright coin-dropper was next to the wall by the restaurant. I did what any red-blooded VP player would do. I purchased $50 worth of quarters and started feeding them into the machine. I confirmed that there are no Nichol FPDW machines at the Four Jacks, however. Surrounding this machine were 2-4 (I didn't write the number down unfortunately.) 5-cent 2-pair Joker Wild machines with the 99.92 % payoff. They were also upright coin-droppers. All these machines were original vintage I believe. I doubt if they can be reset to some other payoff. I believe they had the payoffs right on the machines like old-fashioned VP machines did. Besides the full pay VP, a person can get elk or buffalo burgers at the Four Jacks. What more could anyone ask for?
Mar, 2008
*** MIA - *** (1) 5c FPDW machine.
Jul, 2007
There is only one FPDW machine and it is coin in-coin out. The casino is small, dingy and smelly.
Aug, 2004
Best Place to stay in Jackpot is Cactus Petes. They had full pay .25 Pick em, and .05 FPDW 10-coin machines, that paid 8000 for royals and 2000 for deuces with full coin. They have a slot club with comps, cashback, and free gas. The Four Jacks Casino had 2 .05 and 2 .25 FPDW with no bill accepters. They do not have a slot club. There are 2 or 3 other small casinos in town that had nothing.
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